Unit price and transaction delays

During July there may be delays in issuing unit prices as we finalise financial year-end distributions. While unit prices are unavailable, we won’t be able to process certain transactions including applications, withdrawals, switches, dollar-cost averaging, auto-rebalancing, and for WealthFocus, regular draw down payments.

We will be able to process transactions for pension payments, savings plan deductions, and for Select funds, regular draw down payments. However, unit allocations will not be immediately available.

Please note this delay will not affect the value of your investment or the value of any transactions made during the year-end period. When unit prices are issued, transactions will be processed for the day they were received and accepted.

As prices are finalised, we will process transaction requests as quickly as possible.

We expect to have 30 June unit prices available for all investments, superannuation and retirement products by late July.