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Championing inclusion and high performance

Our focus is cultivating an inclusive environment where diversity is valued and different perspectives can help to create better outcomes for our people, clients and communities.

Our people commitments

Female representation.

Our commitment

40%+ women in leadership by FY24.

Increase female representation in Perpetual Group's investment professionals in Australia to 25% by FY24.

Diversity & inclusion

Our commitment

80%+ of our people feel that Perpetual Group welcomes diverse people and views by FY24.

Develop a stretch cultural diversity target by the end of FY24.


Our commitment

75%+ of our people feel that Perpetual Group supports their wellbeing by FY24.

75%+ of our people would recommend Perpetual Group as a great place to work by FY24.

Professional development

Our commitment

70%+ of our people tell us they have grown professionally in the past 12 months by FY24.


Gender pay gap

Our commitment

Maintain zero gender pay gap for all like-for-like roles.

Embracing diversity, equity, identity and inclusion

Through our policies and practices, we promote an inclusive and high-performance culture where our people are empowered to grow. We strive to provide a level playing field for all by embracing diversity and its many facets.


Supporting our peoples' wellbeing and development

Our people are empowered to learn and grow as professionals and to thrive both at work and at home. Flexibility and hybrid working are key to supporting the work life balance of our people.