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Communication preferences

Election to receive documents

Election to receive meetings-related documents and annual financial reports

The following applies to registered managed investment schemes only.

Note: If you are an investor in a Perpetual exchange trade managed fund (ETMF) please follow the link below titled ‘Perpetual Exchange Traded Managed Funds’.

Following recent amendments to the Corporations Act, in the instance where investors have provided email addresses, Perpetual will send notices of meetings, other meeting-related documents and annual financial reports (labelled "Communication) electronically. Financial reports will also be available on our website unless you elect to receive these in physical form and notify Perpetual of this election. Any existing election you have previously notified to us will continue in effect without the need for you to notify us.

You have the right to elect whether to receive some or all of these Communications and the annual financial report in electronic or physical form and the right to elect not to receive annual financial reports at all. You also have the right to elect to receive a single specified Communication or the annual financial report on an ad hoc basis in electronic or physical form.

You will need to provide your Account Number to make an election or change an existing election.