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Agency and trustee

Agency and trustee

Perpetual’s trustee heritage, size and financial strength makes it the ideal ‘trusted intermediary’ for clients requiring a range of agency and escrow services.

For clients seeking a partner to act as escrow, facility or paying agent, Perpetual provides the reassurance of a long history, process efficiency and industry expertise.

Behind the scenes client insights

SCT Logistics, Chief Financial Officer Michael Fiteni explains what they look for in an Agency and Trustee partner and why Perpetual Corporate Trust is now their first choice.

Behind the scenes client insights

Perpetual’s range of services can make debt financing and business sales more efficient and effective for all parties.


Scale and strength

Trusted and independent


Perpetual understands the importance of business relationships – working side by side with clients to understand their needs and deliver to their requirements.

Scale and strength

With more than $1 trillion in assets under administration (as at July 2022), Perpetual Corporate Trust brings scale and strength to the service of its clients. Perpetual is the market leader in corporate trustee services and is an ASX listed company with 138 years of fiduciary heritage.


Trusted and independent

Perpetual’s trustee heritage makes it the ideal partner for businesses seeking a trusted, independent partner to facilitate transactions, make payments and hold assets.

Perpetual's agency and escrow services

Perpetual acts as an independent party, holding assets on trust for the benefit of all parties in an escrow arrangement. These services extend to:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project financing
  • Private equity
  • Capital market transactions
  • Liquidations and workouts
  • Court case settlements
  • Intellectual property transactions
  • Listed and unlisted securities

As Facility Agent, Perpetual acts on behalf of the lenders in debt financing transactions.


This service may include:

  • Performing calculations in accordance with the transaction documents
  • Seeking instructions from the lenders
  • Arranging meetings of the lenders and instructing the security trustee in accordance with the lender’s directions

As Paying Agent, Perpetual maintains bank accounts on behalf of the lenders (or other parties) in accordance with the transaction documents. This role may be in conjunction with our role as Facility Agent or as a separate role.

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