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IMPACT philanthropy funding

IMPACT philanthropy funding

A more flexible approach to grant making

2024 applications are now closed

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Perpetual's IMPACT philanthropy application program (IPAP)

Thanks to the generosity of our clients, Perpetual distributes around $120 million annually from the charitable trusts and endowments we manage. Many of these trusts and endowments are created with specific directions around the charities that will benefit.

However, where trusts and endowments have a more flexible approach to grant making, we undertake a rigorous application program that matches our clients’ wishes with suitable organisations.

Our IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program allows philanthropists and Not-for-Profits (NFPs) to connect, and allows NFPs to demonstrate how they improve outcomes for the communities in which they operate.

Applying for funding

Not-for-profit organisations can apply for funding from Perpetual’s IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program annually between October and December.

Here we provide information on how the process works, the key areas we assess on, and must-read information to help not-for-profit organisations put forward their best possible application.

From 2024, all organisations may submit a maximum of two applications for projects anywhere in Australia (and overseas). Applications are no longer restricted by geography. Universities, hospitals and medical research institutes may submit a maximum of three applications. This includes organisations whose primary purpose is medical research. There is no longer a requirement for applications to be from different departments.

Annual IPAP timeline
October - December Applications open
December - March Eligibility and assessment
March Ineligible and low scoring applicants notified
April - mid June Matching of applications to philanthropic trusts and endowments
End June Organisations notified and funding distributed

Donors need to know that organisations are complying with all the requirements of a charity and are not at risk of losing Deductible Gift Recipient/Charity status or going into administration. Perpetual checks the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission compliance decision list for non-compliance. Organisations on this list will have their applications marked as ineligible as part of our assessment process.

Perpetual has a responsibility to our clients to ensure they are investing in organisations that will meet the acquittal and reporting requirements of the grant and checks that all prior grants administered by Perpetual have been acquitted and reported against.

Ultimately, Perpetual is working on behalf of its philanthropy clients to find great organisations that have a clear mission and goals and a realistic and reportable strategy to achieve them. We are looking for well-governed, well-led organisations that are committed to regularly monitoring their work, tracking progress and learning from both successes and challenges to create the impact they are dedicated to. Organisations that can demonstrate commitment to these areas are those that Perpetual will recommend for philanthropic investment.


The four key pillars we assess on

Perpetual focuses on four pillars when assessing applications for funding, identifying organisations that can maximise their impact through good governance, solid leadership, strong strategy and an outcomes focus. The assessable questions within the application form are focused on these pillars.

  • Strategy – When we talk about strategy, we’re looking for organisations that can speak to their mission, understand how effective they are and how they're performing against their mission.
  • Leadership – When assessing leadership, we’re looking for organisations that have an awareness of their external environment and have a willingness to learn and collaborate with other organisations pursuing similar goals.
  • Capability – When capability is assessed, we’re looking for organisations that understand what a sustainable business model looks like to them and how this is measured.
  • Outcomes – When we ask about outcomes, we’re looking for organisations that can demonstrate evidence of success that’s measurable, realistic and can provide our clients with a clear picture of the long-term impact of funding.


The key questions - and how to answer them

We want to help well-run, effective organisations access funding and better serve their communities. Below are some of the key assessable questions in the application process, including which pillar they fall under, where you might find the information to answer those questions and how to fill in the application to best demonstrate your organisation’s strengths.

If your organisation is successful in receiving funding, the following conditions will apply.
  1. The funds received may be only used for the purposes outlined by your organisation in your grant application. If the nominated activity does not proceed, it is your organisations responsibility to let us know as soon as possible so that we can agree on an appropriate course of action, which may include any unspent grant funds being repaid to the Trust that provided the funding. If you wish to make any changes to the timeframe, project focus or expenditure of your grant, please complete and submit a Change Request form, available under My Submissions in your Perpetual SmartyGrants profile. Note that changes are limited in scope as defined by the funding trust. Any changes considered by Perpetual will be required to meet these terms. All changes must be approved by the appointed Trustees before proceeding.

  2. The charitable tax concession and deductible gift recipient status of your organisation are correct during the period of 31 October 2023 to 30 June 2024 on the ABN Lookup website.

  3. During the funding period your organisation remains registered with the ACNC and does not have any enforcement actions taken out against it by the ACNC and is not more than 12 months overdue in its reporting obligations to the ACNC.

  4. In the event a receiver, liquidator, administrator, trustee or similar official is appointed over your organisation, or an application is made or resolution is proposed for the winding up of your organisation, any unspent grant funds that cannot be utilised for the nominated activity must be repaid to the Trust that provided the funding.

  5. We request that this grant is used only for the purpose(s) outlined in your funding notification. We ask that the grant is not applied towards electoral expenditure or used in relation to the creation of communication of electoral matter.

  6. Your organisation is required to submit an Acquittal Report to us by 31 January annually until your grant obligations are completed and funding has been fully utilised. Funding is generally provided for a one-year period with your first acquittal report due 6 months post funding and your final report due 12 months later. For example funding received in June 2024 would require an initial acquittal by 31 January 2025 and a final acquittal by 31 Jan 2026. Failure to provide acquittal reports by these deadlines will be taken into account when considering future funding applications from your organisation.

  7. Acquittal forms are accessible through “My Submissions’ in your SmartyGrants profile. If you are not the person in charge of completing acquittal reports, please let the most appropriate team member know where the forms are located. Note that we have made some improvements to our acquittal forms, including streamlining from two (interim and final) to one form. The new acquittal forms are applicable from 2022 IPAP.

If your organisation is unable to meet any of these conditions, please notify Perpetual as soon as possible. Please call us on 1800 501 227 during business hours (EST) or email philanthropy@perpetual.com.au


Recognition of donors

If your NFP organisation wishes to name the trusts or endowments that have provided funding for your activity via your website, newsletters or in the media, please email philanthropy@perpetual.com.au to request approval.

More information

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