Superannuation & Retirement

Superannuation is a long-term savings vehicle designed to provide you with income during retirement. If you have retired or are approaching retirement, converting your superannuation balance into one of our pension products can ensure that you receive a steady income stream and may provide a tax effective solution for your superannuation savings.

Perpetual’s superannuation and retirement solutions aim to help you meet your retirement goals on your journey from employment through to retirement. We offer a range of superannuation solutions that are flexible, convenient and can help you reach retirement with the funds to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Perpetual Superannuation Limited Statement on Russian investments

Perpetual Superannuation Limited is deeply concerned about Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. We are encouraging our underlying investment managers not to make any further investments in either Russia or Belarus and to divest existing investments in Russia and Belarus when market conditions permit.
Our exposure to Russian and Belarusian investments in options managed by associated investment managers is small (~0.06% of total assets as at 7 March). The value of these assets have been significantly marked down, further reducing the portfolio’s exposure.
PSL, in combination with our investment managers, will continue to monitor and manage this situation. We remain focussed on delivering on our investment objectives to our members, as well as our broader obligations as outlined in our Responsible Investment Policy.

Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan | Perpetual Wealthfocus Pension Plan

  • WealthFocus offers simplicity, choice and value. It provides a single point of access to some of Australia’s and the world’s most highly regarded investment managers, with no separate administration fee charged
  • WealthFocus Super – build your retirement savings in WealthFocus Super from either Employer or personal contributions. Life insurance options are available to protect you and your family.
  • WealthFocus Pension – once you’re ready to retire, WealthFocus pension provides you with the flexibility to choose the amount and frequency of your income payments. What’s more, all payments are tax-free once you’re aged 60 and over

Perpetual Select Super Plan | Perpetual Select Pension Plan

  • Offers the choice of multi-asset class (diversified options) or single-asset class option, allowing you to tailor an investment portfolio that meets your individual needs.
  • Select Super allows you to save for your retirement and protect your wealth along the way by accepting all eligible contributions made by you or on your behalf as well as offering death, disability and salary continuance insurance cover to eligible members.
  • Select Pension pays you a regular income from your accumulated superannuation when you retire (or meet another condition of release under superannuation law).

Perpetual Super Wrap

  • Suitable for investors who seek a wide range of investment options and the convenience of consolidated reporting, but do not wish to manage the administrative and compliance burden of maintaining their investments.
  • Designed to help you achieve your pre-retirement, transition to retirement, and post-retirement needs offering both a Superannuation and Pension solution which includes the convenience of consolidated portfolio reporting.


Perpetual Superannuation Limited is pleased to share a summary of our Retirement Income Strategy.


The Annual Outcome Assessments of the superannuation funds are available below:

Perpetual Super Wrap

Perpetual’s Select Superannuation Fund - Pension Plan

Perpetual’s Select Superannuation Fund - Super Plan

Perpetual WealthFocus Superannuation Fund - Pension Plan

Perpetual WealthFocus Superannuation Fund - Super Plan


Your super or pension investment options are made up of underlying assets. These underlying assets or ‘portfolio holdings’ and additional information are available to members. Please click here for the specific portfolio holdings for Perpetual Select Super Plan, Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan and Perpetual Super Wrap. 


Please click here for our claims philosophy.


We are committed to identifying and providing appropriate support to members experiencing vulnerability.

Please click here for our policy. 


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Why Perpetual?

  • Investment choice

    Choose from a broad range of investment options, managed by Perpetual and other leading investment managers.

  • Convenient features

    Easily manage your super investments with features such as online access, regular savings plans and optional personal insurance cover.

  • Highly acclaimed

    We have been recognised through industry awards, including the 2013 AFR Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards Fund Manager of the Year & Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year for 2013 and 2014.

  • DIY

    If you want greater control over your investment strategy and have $400,000 or more to invest, one of Perpetual’s DIY super fund service solutions could be suitable for you.

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Need advice?

If you need advice about establishing a DIY super fund or transferring your existing DIY fund to Perpetual, speak to your financial adviser or contact Perpetual.

Regardless of the current size of your super pot or the complexity of your financial circumstances, well-executed super strategies can make a substantial difference to your financial wellbeing.

Mark Smith, Group Executive, Perpetual Private

Perpetual Superannuation Limited ABN 84 008 416 831 AFSL 225246 is the issuer of the Funds. You should consider the relevant Fund product disclosure statement or other offer document before deciding whether to invest.