Retire on your own terms

Retirement should be the start of a new chapter in your life – perhaps the most exciting of all. And, just as no two working lives are the same, you can choose the kind of retirement you want (with a bit of luck, some prudence and the right advice).

For you, retirement may mean cutting back on your hours at work. Or finishing work altogether and travelling the world. It can be any place in between and obviously how you live after work will change over time.

Whatever your aspirations, we can help make your post-work dreams a reality. Because retirement is so personal – and changes over time – we offer you a changing mix of investment advice, retirement planning, super and insurance strategies, tax and social security advice, estate planning and advice on philanthropy.

The result? A post-work life where your retirement capital supports your lifestyle. Where you’re free to enjoy your life and not worry about money.



This free ebook has practical tips and advice on securing the retirement income you need, safeguarding your family’s financial future or structuring your finances to leave a legacy. It’s an essential read for successful Australians with big plans for their future.

Investment eBook Perpetual

The wealthy investors’ guide to retirement investing

Written for individuals with more than one million in investible assets, this free ebook contains eight thought-provoking chapters on how you can generate a retirement income in a low-rate world. It provides practical tips and advice on alternative investment options, tax effective investments and investing responsibly without compromising on returns. It’s the essential guide for those seeking to grow their wealth in retirement.

Client Stories


Patrick and Judy Gauci

Perpetual clients since 2017

Patrick and Judy were anxious about their self-managed super fund. They weren’t sure their investment approach was truly effective and felt stressed by all the paperwork. So they turned to Perpetual for help. We provided a strategic financial overview, superannuation advice, pension management and retirement planning. The result – the Gaucis sleep more comfortably at night.

Where are you on your journey?

  • Managing wealth

    • Strategic financial advice
    • Investment advice & management
    • Income, savings & debt management
    • Personal insurance
    • Tax & accounting
    • Health & personal injury support
    • Family office
    • Property management
    Perpetual Private

    Exceptional financial advice to protect and grow your wealth. That’s our enduring commitment to you backed by an investment philosophy that has stood the test of time.


    • Superannuation & pension management
    • Power of attorney & Lifestyle assistance
    Perpetual Private

    A post-work paradise takes careful planning. We can help you to structure your finances effectively and create an investment portfolio that protects your wealth without jeopardising your lifestyle.


    • Charitable giving & philanthropy
    • Trust setup & management
    • Wills, estate planning & executorial services
    Perpetual Private

    From the creation of your estate plan through to tax-effective giving structures, our team can help you to create a legacy for the people and causes closest to your heart.


A post-work paradise takes careful planning. We can help you structure your finances effectively and create an investment portfolio that extends the life of your retirement capital without jeopardising your lifestyle. If you are a business owner, we will structure a succession plan that means you reap the benefits when you exit the business. Later in life, we can provide power of attorney services (Lifestyle Assist) that preserve your independence while shouldering some of your daily burdens – whether that’s managing your property, paying bills or arranging medical services.

Your retirement (whatever form it takes) is a new chapter in your life. You need to think about the financial implications – do I have enough money, can I access Social Security, am I paying too much tax – or doing too much paperwork?

But you also need to consider the lifestyle aspects. Where will you live? Do you work part-time or retire completely? Work on your passion or with a charity? At Perpetual we can help you think through all the issues – personal and financial.

Then we craft a plan that enables you to:

  • maximise the value of your nest egg leading into retirement (for more on this crucial subject have a look at this article on income options in retirement and this one on how much you might need).
  • structure your retirement income stream.
  • invest your retirement capital effectively (including managing risk in retirement).
  • manage issues like Social Security eligibility and tax.
  • prepare for “post-retirement” – with things like philanthropy and business succession planning.

A key part of most Australians’ financial plan is superannuation. At Perpetual, we can help you maximise your super contributions; develop an effective tax plan and when it’s time to start drawing down from your nest egg, we can identify the best way to access the money based on your individual circumstances.

Navigating changing legislation can be challenging. We’ll ensure you understand what the legislative changes mean for you and advocate on your behalf. If you prefer to manage your own money, we can help manage the administrative burden of your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or act as trustee for your small APRA fund (SAF).

Here’s some more insights articles that could help if you’re:

In later life, you want to wring every bit of joy out of the time you have left. That means time with hobbies, grandchildren and friends – not bills and paperwork.

Perpetual can help you preserve your independence and lifestyle as you age gracefully. Lifestyle Assist is a personalised power of attorney service based on your relationship with a highly-trained personal ‘concierge’. They link you to Perpetual experts who can take care of everything - from paying bills or organising assistance around your home, to more complex jobs like tax returns or legal advice. Our consultants can also help you find an aged care home that meets your needs.

For some encouraging news on “ageing gracefully” have a look at this insights article.

Our financial advisers – in their own words

Kate Blake

“I love getting to know my clients and understanding what really matters to them when they retire. By focusing on their long-term goals, I help my clients maximise opportunities available to reduce debt, grow their investments and contribute more into super in the years leading up to their retirement. With the right plan in place, my clients have peace of mind they’re on track to live their best lives in retirement.” – Kate Blake, Senior Financial Adviser, Perpetual Private, NSW

Tony Mastromanno adviser

“I feel privileged to share the life journey with my clients, as you really do play an integral role in their lives. I enjoy building the rapport and the level of trust – that enables Perpetual to get on with protecting and growing their wealth.” – Tony Mastromanno, Associate Partner, Perpetual Private, VIC

Meet the team

Your best interests at heart


When it comes to retirement investing, our ‘protect and grow’ strategy works to minimise risk without sacrificing returns. To balance your need for regular retirement income with the need to extend the life of your retirement capital.

To achieve this, we manage risk by spreading your funds across countries, across asset classes, within asset classes and across different fund managers. We seek to ensure inflation doesn’t erode your capital (and your ability to generate income in the future) by investing in quality growth assets as well as income producing options.

Our advisers and investment specialists ensure your retirement portfolio is structured to meet your specific needs and that all the assets we invest in on your behalf pass Perpetual’s stringent quality investment filters.

Find out more about our investment philosophy.


Perpetual is an ASX-listed, diversified financial services company which has been serving Australians since 1886 when it was established as a trustee company by a group of businessmen including Sir Edmund Barton, later to be Australia’s first Prime Minister. That trustee heritage – and the culture it created around putting clients first – is what makes Perpetual unique.

We have been earning the trust of our clients for more than 130 years and pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships – some of which span five generations.

Trust is earned, every day.

Watch Perpetual's CEO, Rob Adams, talk about how trust has to be earned every day and introduces a telling true-to-life example.


Our approach to retirement advice starts with a deep dive into what you want from retirement – financially, in terms of lifestyle and across key areas like health, family, charitable or part-time work and much more. We then develop a sophisticated retirement plan that is aligned to those requirements.

It is at this point that the breadth of the Perpetual service becomes important. We will direct you to a wide range of external service providers if we believe they will best meet your needs.

But within our walls we can also offer you access to specialists in investing (across all asset classes), superannuation, philanthropy, business advisory services and tax and accounting. Everything you need to execute a retirement plan that balances your financial, lifestyle, family and professional needs.

For most people, the nature of a perfect retirement changes significantly over time – so a crucial part of our retirement advice is regular reviews to make sure your strategy stays on track and adapts to your changing needs (and changes in the economy, legislation or investment markets).

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