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Age. You can defy it – but you can’t beat it.

As you grow older, certain physical, mental and administrative tasks that used to be easy, get harder to complete – or just take an irritatingly long time. It might be managing complex financial decisions – your investments, rental properties etc. Or it might mean big projects like remodelling your home so you can live there longer. It could be something as mundane but important as organising (and arranging payment for) home maintenance.

Perpetual’s Lifestyle Assist service wraps all those types of needs into a single package you can tailor to meet your exact needs as you age. If you want the help, your Perpetual financial adviser can integrate Lifestyle Assist into your overall financial planning service so your financial and lifestyle needs are met in the same place.

You’ll have your own Lifestyle Assist consultant who works with you, co-ordinates help from other experts and answers any questions you or your family might have as the service evolves to meet your needs over time.

Most importantly, Lifestyle Assist keeps you in control as you age – so you have more time with the people that really matter to you.

Helping you get the most out of life

Client stories

  • Managing wealth

    • Strategic financial advice
    • Investment advice & management
    • Income, savings & debt management
    • Personal insurance
    • Tax & accounting
    • Health & personal injury support
    • Family office
    • Property management
    Perpetual Private

    Exceptional financial advice to protect and grow your wealth. That’s our enduring commitment to you backed by an investment philosophy that has stood the test of time.


    • Superannuation & pension management
    • Power of attorney & Lifestyle assistance
    Perpetual Private

    A post-work paradise takes careful planning. We can help you to structure your finances effectively and create an investment portfolio that protects your wealth without jeopardising your lifestyle.


    • Charitable giving & philanthropy
    • Trust setup & management
    • Wills, estate planning & executorial services
    Perpetual Private

    From the creation of your estate plan through to tax-effective giving structures, our team can help you to create a legacy for the people and causes closest to your heart.

Lifestyle Assist – you choose the help you need

The essence of the Lifestyle Assist service is that it’s tailored to what you need. Here are some of the key features.

Control of your finances is what gives you independence and more lifestyle options. As part of the Perpetual financial planning service your adviser will cover off a whole range of financial considerations including: 

  • Strategic advice – taking a holistic approach to all your financial decisions
  • Investment advice
  • Tax and accounting
  • Self-managed super fund management
  • Estate planning advice – including advice on wills, trusts, taxation and more
  • Asset Protection
  • Succession planning for any of your business interests
  • Aged care advice.

They can then introduce you to a Lifestyle Assist consultant who integrates the additional care services into an overall package – ensuring you get a service that looks after your financial and lifestyle needs in a harmonised and highly-effective way.

A Power of Attorney (POA) gives someone else – a member of your family, a friend, or a trusted professional organisation like Perpetual - the ability to make decisions on your behalf when it comes to investments, financial and business affairs.  

Giving Power of Attorney is a crucial and highly personal decision so should not be taken lightly. However, it provides flexibility and security as you age and managing your finances gets harder – especially if you suffer from mental or physical incapacity (an Enduring Power of Attorney continues to operate even if you lose ‘legal capacity’).

As a trustee company of over 130 years standing, Perpetual has deep institutional experience in providing Power of Attorney services to clients. Our people, training and culture always puts the client first.

Many clients move into the Lifestyle Assist service because it’s a sensible extension of the relationship we’ve already formed by providing Power of Attorney services.

Your Lifestyle Assist consultant is the key to the Lifestyle Assist service because they work with you to shape it to your needs. They’re your first and primary point of contact, dedicated, empathetic and someone you can rely on for whatever you need. 

What do they help with?
Everything except financial advice. From paying bills all the way to helping source aged care facilities or packing up and coordinating the sale of your home. And if they don’t do the tasks themselves, they arrange the services of a whole suite of other providers – whether that’s carpenters or counsellors, electricians or estate planning lawyers. Because all those services are linked through one person, you get a joined-up service, you get a team working for you, not just a bunch of individuals.

Whilst your consultant is always working in your best interest – they can – if you wish, act as a conduit to other family members. Keeping them informed, as appropriate, about the services you’re using and the decisions you’re making.

Many people find they enjoy their home even more as they age – the familiarity, the comfort, the neighbourhood. So many of the services co-ordinated by Lifestyle Assist consultants are focused on the home – and keeping you in it as long as it’s comfortable. Those services range across:

  • organising carers
  • renovations and reconfiguring your home
  • property maintenance
  • managing utilities.

Our financial advisers – in their own words

Meet the team

Your best interests at heart

The personal touch

Dealing with a mix of your financial, practical and lifestyle needs requires a deeply personal touch. Your Lifestyle Assist consultant provides that. They’re the first person you call when there’s a problem you need fixed or when you want to do something to improve your day-to-day living situation or manage a money issue. Over time our consultants become ‘almost like family’ to their clients. (See the Bunty and Jeannette video above for real-life examples).

This personal approach becomes ever more important when you are faced with major decisions late in life – like moving out of the family home and into some form of aged care. Your Lifestyle Assist consultant will work with you and your adviser to help you make a decision that delivers the lifestyle, social and emotional benefits you’re looking for.

Perpetual and Home Instead (a specialist provider of personal lifestyle needs for older Australians) have produced a booklet to help you navigate the big late-life decisions.

End to end service

Your investments, day to day finances, looking after your home, providing financially for your children. These may be things you’ve done all your life but you don’t have to do them all anymore. Perpetual’s Lifestyle Assist service is end-to-end – you select the range of things you want help with and your personal consultant works with your financial adviser to coordinate them all.

Trusted partner

Perpetual is an ASX-listed, diversified financial services company which has been serving Australians since 1886 when it was established as a trustee company by a group of businessmen including Sir Edmund Barton, later to be Australia’s first Prime Minister. That trustee heritage – and the culture it created around putting clients first – is what makes Perpetual unique.

We have been earning the trust of our clients for more than 130 years and pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships – some of which span five generations.

Trust is earned, every day.

Watch as Perpetual's CEO Rob Adams talks about how trust has to be earned every day and introduces a telling true-to-life example.


Would you like to enjoy the best possible lifestyle as you age? Appreciate some expert help when it comes to everyday lifestyle fixes and big financial decisions? Want someone you can trust to pull it all together for you? Talk to us today. Call us on 1800 631 381 or complete the form below.

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