Products & Platforms

Perpetual's products and platform solutions aim to make it easy for you to create and manage an investment portfolio that meets your investment objectives. Whether you are seeking a high level of personal control over your investments, or a less active approach, we seek to provide you with useful solutions that are easy to use.

Perpetual WealthFocus
Choose from more than 50 investment options across the major asset classes. Select from funds managed by Perpetual and other investment managers.
Perpetual Select
Perpetual’s Select funds are multi-manager funds. They combine a wide range of asset classes and the specialist investment expertise of managers from across the globe - within a single fund.
Perpetual Private Wrap
Perpetual Private Wrap is suitable for investors who seek a wide range of investment options and the convenience of consolidated reporting, but do not wish to manage the administrative and compliance burden of maintaining their investments.
Perpetual Wholesale Funds

Perpetual Wholesale Funds

Choose from single asset class and multi asset class investment options. Perpetual’s Wholesale funds are suitable for investors with a minimum initial investment of $25,000.