Forms and transactions

Visit our Forms page for your specific Perpetual Investment product to download a form.

Q. Why do I need to complete a customer ID form?
Q. What identification do I need to provide?
Q. How do I add to my investment?
Q. How do I make a withdrawal?
Q. Can I make a telephone withdrawal?
Q. Can I make an investment via BPay?
Q. Which Biller Code do I use?
Q. How do I get a customer reference number?
Q. How do I change my details?

Q. Why do I need to complete a customer ID form?

A. When you apply for a product you must complete the relevant customer identification form and provide the required identification documents, unless you have previously done so. This process only has to be completed once. Full instructions are provided in the customer ID forms.

This is to comply with our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (2006) that requires financial services providers and financial advisers to collect and verify the identity of customers.

Advisers submitting applications on behalf of their clients must either complete the ‘record of verification procedure’ section in the ID forms or send in certified copies of customer ID documents.

Customer ID forms for individuals/sole traders have been inserted into both our printed and web-based product disclosure statements. Customer ID forms for trusts have also been inserted in most PDSs. Download ID forms for all other types of customers.

Q. What identification do I need to provide?

A. Customers must provide the identification documents (e.g. current driver’s licence or passport) as requested in the relevant customer ID form. These ID documents must be verified by a financial adviser completing the ‘record of verification procedure’ in the ID form or copies of ID documents certified by an eligible person, such as a legal practitioner or Justice of the Peace. These must be submitted with the application. 

Q. How do I add to my investment?

A. You may contribute to your investment online through our secure site, via BPAY, Direct Debit or cheque. Please visit our Forms page and complete an application for additional investment form for the relevant product.

Q. How do I make a withdrawal?

A. You can withdraw all or part of your investment by sending us a written request setting out your client and account number, the name of the fund, the dollar amount or number of units to be withdrawn and your payment instructions. Please visit the Forms page for more information.

You should post or email your request to us, our contact details are on the Contact Us page. 

Note: Withdrawal applications received by the Sydney office before 3.00pm will use that day’s exit price. Applications received after 3.00pm Sydney time will utilise the next business day’s exit price.

Q. Can I make a telephone withdrawal?

You can make telephone withdrawals from Perpetual Cash Management Fund, Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage, Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Funds and Perpetual Wholesale Funds products. To do so you need to obtain a PIN number. For information on setting up and the conditions that apply to phone withdrawals, please refer to the PDS and Additional Information document for Perpetual Cash Management Fund, Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Funds, Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage or Perpetual Wholesale Funds.

Q. Can I make an investment via BPay? 

A. BPAY is only available for one-off additional investments. Your BPAY additional investments will be invested according to your most recent investment strategy. If you wish to change your investment strategy for additional investments, you can call us or notify us in writing.
Please note that not all of Perpetual's products accept payments by BPAY. 

The following products accept payment by BPAY:

  • Perpetual Cash Management Fund
  • Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Funds
  • Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage
  • Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan
  • Perpetual Select Investment Funds
  • Perpetual Select Super Plan
  • Perpetual MySuper
  • Perpetual Wholesale Funds
  • Perpetual Pure Credit Alpha Fund
  • Perpetual Pure Series Funds
  • The Trust Company Investment Funds

  • BPAY additional investments completed by 3.00pm (Sydney time) on any business day will be processed using that day's entry price. BPAY additional investments made after 3.00pm on a business day will be processed at the entry price applicable on the next business day.

    Q. Which Biller Code do I use?

    A. Biller Codes differ according to transaction type. The Biller Codes are as follows:

    Transaction Type Biller Code
    WealthFocus Investment Funds 636910
    WealthFocus Super Personal Contribution 636936
    WealthFocus Super Spouse Contribution 636951
    WealthFocus Investment Advantage 636993
    Cash Management Fund 636985
    Perpetual Select Investment Funds 989459
    Perpetual Select Super Personal Contribution 989475
    Perpetual Select Super Spouse Contribution 514281
    Perpetual MySuper Personal Contributions 224998
    Perpetual MySuper Spouse Contribution 224972
    Wholesale Active Fixed Interest Fund 266304
    Wholesale Australian Share Fund 989251
    Wholesale Industrial Share Fund 989269
    Wholesale Concentrated Equity Fund 989285
    Wholesale Geared Australian Share Fund 989293
    Wholesale SHARE-PLUS Long-Short Fund 989301
    Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund 989319
    Wholesale Conservative Growth Fund 989327
    Wholesale Diversified Growth Fund 989335
    Wholesale Diversified Income Fund 950279
    Wholesale Balanced Growth Fund 989343
    Wholesale Diversified Real Return Fund – Class W units 4899282
    Wholesale Diversified Real Return Fund – Class Z units 83469
    Wholesale Dynamic Fixed Income Fund 7385
    Ethical SRI Credit Fund 83113
    Global Innovation Share Fund 989137
    Wholesale Global Share Fund 42374
    Wholesale High Grade Treasury Fund 313940
    Wholesale Income Share Fund 52399
    Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund 21857
    Wholesale Split Growth Fund 989376
    Pure Credit Alpha Fund 489070
    Pure Equity Alpha Fund 196709
    Pure Microcap Fund 706002
    Pure Value Share Fund 726356
    The Trust Company Fixed Interest Fund 52381
    The Trust Company Property Securities Fund 52415
    The Trust Company Australian Share Fund 52449
    The Trust Company Share Imputation Fund 52472

    Q. How do I get a customer reference number?

    A. If you are a new investor and request it on the application form, you will receive a Customer Reference Number (CRN) & Biller Code with the confirmation advice when you first set up your investment. If you are an existing investor and you wish to receive a CRN & Biller Code, we can assist you over the phone.

    Q. How do I change my details?
    A. You can change any of the following with one form:
  • Contact details
  • TFN
  • Distribution instructions
  • Bank account details
  • Withdrawal authorisation
  • Authorised representative
  • Financial adviser's access to your investment information

    You are able to complete the Change of Instructions form, which can be downloaded from the Forms section. Alternatively, we can receive a written request setting out your client and account number and the details you would like amended. Please Note: Bank account details cannot be changed over the phone.

    We can receive a Change of Instructions form via post or email. Our contact details are on the Contact Us page.

    Alternatively, you may wish to change your contact details on our online investor portal or by calling Investor Services on 1800 022 033 Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6.00pm (Sydney time), where you must be identified in order for your request to be processed.