Perpetual Income and Growth Opportunities Funds Updates

Continuous Disclosure and Important Information


The PDS contains detailed information about the Perpetual Income and Growth Opportunities Funds (Funds) including the benefits, risks, fees and costs.

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Perpetual Discretionary Unit Pricing Policy

Product Information Incorporated by Reference

The PDS refers to other information relevant to the product (information which is ‘incorporated by reference’) which can be found below. This incorporated information forms part of the PDS and should be read together with the main PDS document above.

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We may update information in the PDS by issuing a supplementary PDS. However, if product updates are not materially adverse we will notify you via our website. Any updates should be read together with the main PDS document above.

Date Nature of event or change Impact of the change
1 October 2018
PDS Update: Transaction Cost & Buy/Sell spread document updated

This incorporated document has now been replaced with 30 June 2018 information now available.

For further information see attached flyer.
 11 September 2018
Change to external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme

From 1 November 2018, there will be a change to the EDR scheme which unresolved complaints can be referred to.

Please refer to this transitional disclosure for more information.

29 September 2017

AMIT Regime

Perpetual has elected into the Attribution Managed Investment Trust (AMIT) Regime for the year ending 30 June 2018 and subsequent years.

22 June 2017

Changes to the constitution of the Fund/s

Perpetual has made changes to the constitutions for our Funds to allow them to be operated as Attribution Managed Investment Trusts. These changes will apply only from the time an election is made by Perpetual to adopt the AMIT regime for the relevant Fund. We will provide notification on the website if/when this election occurs.

26 May 2017

Proposed Changes to the constitution of the Fund/s

Perpetual is proposing making changes to the constitutions for our Funds to allow them to be operated as Attribution Managed Investment Trusts (AMIT)

Find out more here

1 May 2017

New Product Disclosure Statement Dated 1 May 2017

Effective 1 May 2017, we have updated fees and costs information, and issued a new PDS.   

Due to changes in ASIC Class Order [CO 14/1252], we have updated our disclosure in respect of the estimated management cost of the Fund.  This amount includes estimated indirect costs which are paid by the Fund, and are not a direct cost to you.  

The management fee you pay to Perpetual has not changed.

For a copy of the replacement PDS click above, or ask for a copy free of charge by contacting us on 1800 022 033.


Further Information

The latest Fund profiles for Perpetual Income Opportunities Fund and Perpetual Growth Opportunities Fund include the following information that is updated periodically (monthly unless stated otherwise):

  • monthly unit prices
  • net asset values of the Funds
  • net returns of the Funds
  • the Funds’ risk profiles
  • the Funds’ investment strategies
  • the asset allocations of the Funds by asset sector, geographic location and market type
  • the names of any relevant underlying funds holding more than 10% of a Fund’s assets
  • the leverage ratio embedded in the underlying assets of the Funds (updated as at 30 June each year).

Approved counterparties engaged by Perpetual for over-the-counter derivatives

The following counterparties are currently approved by Perpetual for any over-the-counter derivatives used in managing the Perpetual Defensive Alternatives Pool Fund and Perpetual Growth Alternatives Pool Fund:

  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Macquarie Bank Limited
  • National Australia Bank Limited
  • State Street Bank and Trust Company
  • UBS AG
  • Westpac Banking Corporation

Key service providers

Perpetual has appointed the following independent key service providers for the Funds:

  • investment administrator/custodian – RBC Investor Services Trust (RBC)
  • auditor – KPMG.

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