Listed Investment Company

Perpetual manages a Listed Investment Company, called Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited, which enables investors to access the investment expertise of one of Australia’s most experienced fund managers.

The Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited (the Company), offers investors access to a portfolio of predominantly high-quality Australian and global listed securities, selected by Perpetual Investments. The Company is managed to provide a growing income stream and long-term capital growth over a minimum five-year investment period.

The investment strategy

The Company invests in a core portfolio of quality Australian listed securities and has the ability to invest up to 25% of the portfolio in global listed securities. This broader investment universe can create the opportunity to capture equity returns from a broader range of companies, industries and regions. In addition, the Company may invest up to 25% of the portfolio in cash, which can provide greater flexibility in managing equity market risk.

For additional information, visit the Perpetual Equity Investment Company.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible investment strategy

  • Transparency, simplicity, visibility

  • One of Australia's most experienced fund managers

  • Rigorous company analysis and research