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IMPACT provides insight into important issues for philanthropists and the not-for-profit sector. It shares thought provoking ideas and best practice examples that aim to both stimulate and motivate a passion for philanthropy with Impact.

Perpetual Philanthropy
Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Perpetual’s 2020 Australian Philanthropy Insights Report

Every year Perpetual collects a wide range of data on the NFP sector via funding applications from our IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program (IPAP). This report examines that data – and adds insights from our Philanthropy team.

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

COVID-19 and investment returns: Implications for philanthropy and NFPs

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

The globalisation of good – Australian NFPs and the Sustainable Development Goals

Helping up
Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

‘Both-ways’ and ‘ground-up’ – crucial to the success of NGO/Aboriginal partnership