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IMPACT provides insight into important issues for philanthropists and the not-for-profit sector. It shares thought provoking ideas and best practice examples that aim to both stimulate and motivate a passion for philanthropy with Impact.

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Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Jump on board: Fundraising white paper launching soon

A survey of over 40 not-for-profit CEOs found that the fundraising participation and capability of their boards was very low. Our new video and white paper aim to help NFP Boards and CEOs improve their fundraising skills through sharing best practice.

 PERPETUAL PRIVATE INSIGHTS 26/09/2019   Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

A new way to fund health research

Not-for-profit medical research organisation, Hudson Institute, has come up with a novel way of funding its work. An investment fund designed for both philanthropists and professional investors.

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Insights from Perpetual’s IMPACT funding program

In the 2019 financial year Perpetual distributed more money than ever before (over $23 million) in philanthropic funding via a rigorous application process. We take a deep dive into where the money went and why.

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Mission unaffordable – why the cash crash matters to NFPs

Falling interest rates are bad news for NFPS who rely on investment returns to fund part of their mission. So, what can NFPs do to make sure low interest rates don’t hold them back?

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Perpetual and Paul Brest talk philanthropy

Caitriona Fay from Perpetual interviews philanthropy expert Paul Brest from Stanford PACS about strategic philanthropy, effectiveness, characteristics of great philanthropists and innovation.