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IMPACT provides insight into important issues for philanthropists and the not-for-profit sector. It shares thought provoking ideas and best practice examples that aim to both stimulate and motivate a passion for philanthropy with Impact.

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Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Do you want to become a more data driven NFP?

Data and analytics are big topics in the non-for-profit sector today. We explore the value of becoming more data driven and how organisations can turn their data into insight.

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Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

What does COVID-19 mean for NFP Boards and investment governance?

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Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Invest in our greatest asset, our people and our capacity

Philanthropists need to support organisational capacity building so organisations can continue to grow, further their reach and support the communities they serve.

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Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

How to change social systems through philanthropy

A lot of academics, philanthropists and activists are talking about what is required to change the systems that stop communities from thriving – but what does system change actually mean?

To merge or not to merge train tracks
Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

To merge or not to merge?

Heightened competition, tight funding and greater demand for services has created the perfect storm for many NFPs to consider a merger. We explore the role of philanthropists in facilitating such structural change.

5 things philanthropists can do
Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

COVID-19⁠: Five things philanthropists can do

There are five things that philanthropists can do to help address critical community needs that have arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic.