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Caitriona Fay
Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Was Miles Franklin's will her true masterpiece?

Miles Franklin was one of Australia’s literary greats, but it wasn’t her debut novel, My Brilliant Career that had the most impact on Australian literature. She wrote her will in a way that’s helped Australian writers since 1954 and could do so for generations to come. Here’s what we can learn from her story.

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Perpetual’s clients grant $22.6 million to NFPs through IPAP

Over 140 of Perpetual’s philanthropic clients have committed $22.6 million to NFPs in this year’s IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program. Find out which sectors will see the lion’s share of grants.

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Celebrating going above and beyond to give

In a year of challenges, Perpetual philanthropic clients stepped up to continue their support for not-for-profits and communities. Find out more.

Not-For-Profit and Philanthropy

Evidence based programs give better outcomes for children

Evidence-based programs – such as those implemented by OzChild are leading a reform in child welfare.