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Perpetual Wholesale Funds

Perpetual Wholesale Funds

Choose from single asset class and multi asset class investment options. Perpetual’s Wholesale funds are suitable for investors with a minimum initial investment of $25,000.

Fund in Focus

It takes conviction to deliver a true value global share fund.

The Perpetual Global Share Fund is a focused portfolio of 20-40 high quality companies; hand-picked for their long-term investment potential. When it comes to value investing, we not only have an active and proven approach, we possess the conviction to stick to it. It’s part of what makes us unique.


1 month %pa 3 months %pa 6 months %pa 1 year %pa 2 years %pa 3 years %pa
Perpetual Global Share Fund - Class A -2.3 1.7 11.6
Perpetual Global Share Fund - Class W 27.0 29.4 32.4
MSCI World Net Accum Index AUD$ Unhedged -2.7 -0.3 9.3 24.6 22.4 25.8

Source: Perpetual. Facts are correct as at 30 June 2015

Perpetual Investment Management Limited ABN 18 000 866 535 AFSL 234426 is the issuer of the Funds. You should consider the relevant Fund product disclosure statement or other offer document before deciding whether to invest.

Class A of the Perpetual Global Share Fund has been operating since August 2014. To give a longer term view of our performance in the Fund, the returns for Class W, which has been operating since January 2011, are shown. Class W has identical investments to Class A. We have adjusted the return of Class W to reflect the fees applicable to Class A (including a 1.10% Management Fee and 15% Performance Fee). The estimated Performance Fee accrued as at 27 August 2014 is not carried into actual performance calculations commencing 28 August 2014. Further details on the Performance Fee calculation is available in the Perpetual Global Share Fund Product Disclosure Statement offering ‘Class A units’. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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