Perpetual MySuper Updates

Continuous Disclosure and Important Information


The PDS contains detailed information about Perpetual MySuper and the benefits, risks and fees and costs. 

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This document contains the following forms:

  • Participating Employer Application
  • New Employee Details
  • Contribution Advice
  • Member Application
  • Nomination of Beneficiary
  • Fund Choice Nomination
  • Transfer Authority

Product information incorporated by reference

The PDS refers to other information relevant to the product (information which is ‘incorporated by reference’) which can be found below. This incorporated information forms part of the PDS and should be read together with the main PDS document above.

Your MySuper account
Insurance within your super

This document contains the ‘Insurance application – standard from’.

Current transaction costs and buy/sell spread

Definition of fees

Other documents

These documents are relevant to the features offered in Perpetual MySuper.

Fees and Costs for the Financial Year Ended 30 June 2019

MySuper Product Dashboard
MySuper Balanced Growth investment option – monthly fund profile
Direct debit request service agreement
Online account access conditions of use
Select Superannuation Fund Trust Deed

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy

Perpetual’s Privacy Policy has been updated as of March 2016 to include information about how you may access and seek correction of personal information held by us, make a complaint to us if you have concerns about how we have handled your personal information, how we will deal with such complaints and whether we may disclose personal information to overseas recipients.

The Trustee and its Operations

Perpetual MySuper is a product of Perpetual's Select Superannuation Fund (ABN 51 068 260 563, RSE R1057034) (Fund). Perpetual Superannuation Limited (PSL) is the trustee of the Fund (Trustee) and the issuer of interests in the Fund. View all details for the Trustee and its Operations including executive remuneration.

Continuous disclosure

The below table provides updates to the PDS, significant events and important information. Any updates should be read together with the PDS.

Notice date Nature of event or change Impact of the change
29 November 2019

Putting Members’ Interests First

The Putting Members’ Interests First legislation comes into effect on 1 April 2020. If you’re a member who recently joined, have a low account balance of less than $6,000, or are under the age of 25, you may be impacted by these changes.

On 1 April 2020 the legislation requires us to cancel insurance cover for members with balances of less than $6,000, unless you elect to maintain your insurance cover by completing an Insurance Election Form or you have made an active decision about your insurance cover (i.e. been underwritten for existing cover).

In addition, from 1 April 2020 any new members won’t have their cover commence until they’re at least over the age of 25 and have an account balance of at least $6,000 (subject to the policy terms, governing rules of Perpetual MySuper and superannuation law).

8 October 2019

PDS Update: Accepting changes to bank account details by email

Effective from 8 October 2019, Perpetual MySuper will also accept changes to your bank account details by email.

All changes to your bank account details must be made in writing. The instruction must be signed and sent to us by mail or scanned attachment to email.

You are able to use the Application for Additional Investment and Features form.

1 July 2019

Protecting Your Super

The ‘Protecting Your Super’ legislation comes into effect from 1 July 2019. It introduces the following new laws designed to protect members from paying unnecessary fees and insurance premiums:

  • Insurance cover ceases on inactive accounts unless an election to keep insurance is made;
  • Inactive accounts with a balance of less than $6,000 will be transferred to the ATO;
  • Removal of exit fees;
  • 3% fee cap on accounts with a balance of less than $6,000.

Please refer to the flyer for more information.

Forms to assist you with maintaining your insurance or account balance can be found here:

ATO Form authorisations for low balance accounts.

If your cover is cancelled due to ‘inactivity’, you may be able to reinstate your insurance cover within 60 days of cover cancelling:

11 April 2019

Investment changes to Perpetual MySuper – Balanced Growth

From 1 March 2019 there have been some investment changes to the investment guidelines and investment approach for the Perpetual MySuper – Balanced Growth investment option.

Please refer to the flyer for more information.

15 March 2019
Perpetual MySuper review

The trustee of Perpetual MySuper is assessing the MySuper market to determine if a successor fund transfer to another MySuper provider is in the best interest of Perpetual MySuper members.

Download the Perpetual MySuper letter.
5 September 2018

Change to external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme.

From 1 November 2018 there will be a change to the EDR scheme which unresolved complaints can be referred to.

Please refer to this transitional disclosure for more information.

31 May 2018

Changes to Perpetual MySuper insurance premium rates and insurance policy terms and conditions from 1 July 2018

Insurance premiums are decreasing on average by:

  • 22% for death and/ or total and permanent disablement cover (TPD) only cover
  • 18% for salary continuance insurance (SCI).

There will be changes to the insurance policy terms and conditions:

  • The default occupation loading factor is changing from “White-Collar” to “Light-Blue”. If you haven’t provided us with your occupation details this means your premiums will increase on average by 18%
  • Introduction of a new occupational loading factor guide.


Refer to the flyer for further information and insurance rate tables.

Download the MySuper ‘Changes to your insurance from 1 July 2018’ letter.

Download the occupational loading factor guide.

1 April 2018

Reduction of fees and costs for all members from 1 April 2018

From 1 April 2018, the investment fees and administration fees will be reduced for all new and existing members of Perpetual MySuper. In addition, we are removing the exit fee members pay when they withdraw their super. Reducing our fees is part of our continued commitment to helping our members manage and grow their retirement savings.

Refer to this flyer for more information.

For all members, the reduced fees will apply to your account from 1 April 2018. You can find information about your account in member statements.

1 June 2017

PDS update

The replacement Perpetual MySuper PDS has been issued.  It contains updated information in relation to your investment in Perpetual MySuper, including:

  • Fees and costs information following changes to ASIC Class Order [CO 14/1252].  The information on indirect costs and other costs have been updated in line with those changes,
  • Information on recent superannuation changes.
  • Default white collar loading for automatic death and TPD insurance cover (if you or your participating employer don’t advise us of your occupation). 
For a copy of the PDS to obtain this information click here, or ask us for a copy free of charge by contacting us on  1800 003 001.
1 May 2017

Superannuation Reforms 

Significant changes to superannuation are coming into effect generally from 1 July 2017 that may or may not impact you.

Refer to the flyer for further information

The relevant changes will be reflected in the updated Product Disclosure Statement which will be available online from 1 June 2017.

26 May 2016

Changes to Perpetual MySuper insurance premium rates and insurance policy terms and conditions from 1 July 2016

Insurance premiums are increasing by approximately:

  • 59.5% for death only cover
  • 22.8% for total and permanent disablement cover (TPD) only cover
  • 34-51%* for combined death and TPD.

*The increase to the combined death and TPD cover varies with age.

Insurance premium rates for salary continuance insurance (SCI) cover are also changing and will increase or decrease depending on gender, age, waiting period or benefit period.

  • The Terminal Illness life expectancy period will align with the superannuation ‘terminal medical condition’ condition of release of 24 months
  • Continuation option will be removed.

Refer to the flyer for further information and insurance rate tables.

Download the MySuper ‘Changes to your insurance from 1 July 2016’ letter.

10 February 2016

MySuper Fee restructure

Effective from 15 March 2016, we are restructuring the fees for MySuper. Importantly, total fees will remain the same.

Download the MySuper fee restructure letter.  

31 October 2015

The Standard Risk Measure (SRM) for Perpetual MySuper has changed

The SRM rating for MySuper is updated from 5 – Medium to high; to 6 - High.

1 July 2015 Changes to release condition ‘Terminal Medical Condition’

Effective from 1 July 2015, the Government has amended the ‘terminal medical condition’ definition of release. The life expectancy period which enables members’ tax-free access to their superannuation benefits where a member is suffering a terminal illness (as certified by two medical practitioners, at least one of whom must be a specialist) has changed from less than 12 months to 24 months.

Under the insurance policy available through Perpetual MySuper, a terminal illness benefit is payable where you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live.

As a result, a member may meet the terminal medical condition of release and be entitled to withdraw their investment benefit but may not qualify to receive their insured benefit amount under terminal illness definition of the insurance policy until their life expectancy is less than 12 months.

In this circumstance and in order to continue the insurance cover in Perpetual MySuper, account members will need to ensure their investment balance is sufficient to cover ongoing insurance premiums and any other fees and taxes.

30 May 2014 Increase in insurance premium rates effective 1 July 2014. Death and TPD rates are increasing by 22% and salary continuance cover by up to 38%. All members with this type of cover will have their premiums increased by these amounts effective 1 July 2014.