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We are improving the way Perpetual Private Wrap clients access their Perpetual Private Wrap Client Portal.

What you need to know

The way Perpetual Private Wrap clients login is being simplified. Clients will soon be provided with new access code and a new web link. New security features allow you to set and manage passwords using two-factor authentication to help safeguard your account.

To access your Client Portal you will need the following:

Your new online access code, which will be provided to you shortly.

Your current email address and mobile number will need to be registered against your Perpetual Private Wrap account .

Further information

You will be able to access the Wrap Client Portal through a new web link to the login page. In the new login page, you will need to enter your new access code and create a new password (using your mobile number and email).

Need further assistance?

If you need assistance  please contact your adviser or account manager.