Being wealthy can have its benefits, and its challenges too.

Living a rich life means different things to different people, yet the one thing successful Australians share is wanting to make the most of life, keeping themselves and their finances in good shape. 

Whether you are preparing for your next chapter in life, or already living it, “Sails for your second wind” is a must read guide to keep your financial life on course as your life continues to change.

What’s inside the Book?

The book has practical tips and advice for every chapter of your life – whether this involves securing the retirement income you need, safeguarding your family’s financial future or structuring your finances to leave a legacy. It’s an essential read for successful Australians with big plans for their future.

What does living a rich life mean to wealthy investors? 

We asked and received some surprising answers. Thankfully when it comes to the financial ones, not only do we understand where our clients are coming from, we can help them too.


Patrick and Judy Gauci downloaded the Sails for your Second Wind eBook and met with a Perpetual adviser. They are feeling confident about the future. 
Watch their story below.

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Your must read guide to keep your financial life on course as your life continues to change.

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The art of conversation

There are many elements to a good financial plan – goals, strategies and products – but the most important element is the conversations an adviser has with their client.