Perpetual MySuper

Perpetual MySuper is a cost-effective superannuation product with a simple set of product features. Generally, employees who do not wish to choose a fund for their compulsory superannuation guarantee contribution payments will default into a MySuper fund chosen by their employer.

Perpetual MySuper offers access to a single diversified investment strategy, being the Balanced Growth investment option. The investment option aims to provide members with long-term capital growth and income through investment in a diversified portfolio, with an emphasis on Australian and international share investments. There is only one investment option in the Fund. If you would like a choice of investment options, you can easily transfer your benefit at any time to the Perpetual Select Super Plan.

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Perpetual MySuper


A focus on beating inflation

Perpetual MySuper aims to provide a total return of 3% per annum above inflation over rolling 10 year periods, net of investment and administration fees and superannuation fund taxes.

Default insurance

Perpetual MySuper offers eligible members default insurance cover for death and total and permanent disablement. This cover is provided automatically to eligible members – with no need for a medical examination.

Optional insurance cover

Members of Perpetual MySuper also have access to a range of other insurance options and can apply for salary continuance and additional death and/or total and permanent disablement cover.

Administrative ease

To make administration easy and efficient, employers can make contributions to their Perpetual MySuper fund via an online portal.

Product dashboard

The key features and performance of Perpetual MySuper are summarised in the Perpetual MySuper product dashboard. The dashboard is designed to make it easy to compare Perpetual MySuper with other MySuper products.

Online Employer Portal

To help employers meet their Super Stream requirements, contributions on behalf of employees can be made via Perpetual Super Online. This service is provided by SuperChoice Services Pty Limited ACN 109 509 739 (SuperChoice). Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for access to Perpetual Super Online.

SuperChoice terms and conditions apply to the Perpetual Super Online service, which will need to be accepted when registering for the service. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the service, which includes the SuperChoice terms and conditions, is available when registering for Perpetual Super Online.

Have Questions? Call 1800 003 001

For information on investing in Perpetual MySuper, call 1800 003 001 or email at

Perpetual Superannuation Limited ABN 84 008 416 831 AFSL 225246 is the issuer of the Fund. You should consider the relevant Fund product disclosure statement or other offer document before deciding whether to invest.

The Trustee and its Operations

Perpetual Superannuation Limited (PSL) is the trustee of the Fund. View all details for the Trustee and its Operations including executive remuneration.