Global Shares

Global shares provide diversification in an investment portfolio, as well as exposure to the world's best companies and industries under represented in Australia.

Investing in global shares provides geographical and industry diversification, which may improve a portfolio’s risk and return potential.

In accessing companies that operate in a different environment from Australia, you can potentially benefit from broader opportunities.

Country-specific drivers of share performance, such as economic growth, politics and regulatory issues have the potential to create wide variations in share performance over differing timeframes. This creates abundant opportunities for active investors who are continually seeking quality companies and are not limited to investing in a single country or region.

  • Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund
  • Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:GLOB)
  • Perpetual Global Innovation Share Fund
  • Perpetual Global Innovation Share Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: IDEA)
  • Trillium ESG Global Equity Fund
  • Trillium Global Sustainable Opportunities Fund
  • Barrow Hanley Global Equity Trust


Zenith Fund Manager of the Year 2021

Why invest in global shares?

  • Increased investment opportunities

    The substantial size of the global share market provides investors with the potential to capture thousands of additional investment opportunities.

  • Invest in a wider range of industries

    An investment in global shares can provide access to future growth leaders in industries such as healthcare and information technology – industries that are comparatively small in Australia.

  • Diversification benefits

    Spreading your money across different regions and industries can improve your portfolio’s risk and return potential as companies operating in differing environments are exposed to different drivers of performance.

  • Benefit from growth in global brands

    Investors can share in the growth of global companies and access emerging companies that may become tomorrow’s global leaders.

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