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Global shares provide diversification in an investment portfolio, as well as exposure to the world's best companies and industries under represented in Australia.

At Perpetual we invest in quality companies that we believe are trading at a discount to their inherent value and have the greatest long-term return potential. We seek high quality companies with strong balance sheets, consistent earnings growth and strong free cash flow. In addition, we assess the quality of a business by looking at a company's products, positioning and brands; its sources of competitive advantage; the barriers to entry in its market and any issues that may influence the company's future performance.

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Why invest in global shares?

  • Increased investment opportunities

  • Invest in a wider range of industries

  • Diversification benefits

  • Benefit from growth in global brands

Why Perpetual?

Access to company management

Our experienced global investment team has forged relationships with companies around the world. Perpetual’s success in managing Australian equities means that global companies visiting Australia actively seek us out. Similarly, we benefit from excellent access to companies during offshore visits.

Rigorous research

Our global equity analysts are part of one of Australia’s largest and most awarded equity investment teams. The team share investment insights, assess key investment themes, and travel extensively to meet with company management.

Proven investment process

We apply our experience, insight and skill to find companies with the greatest long-term return potential but always remain focused on limiting the possibility of loss. Rather than mimicking an index, we believe in building global share portfolios that are concentrated on a select number of quality businesses.

Investment philosophy and approach

At Perpetual our investment philosophy drives our investment decisions. Specific principles guide the way that we seek to identify opportunities and manage our global share portfolios:

  • Our belief is that equity markets are only semi-efficient.
  • As a result, we believe you can beat the returns available from the market (or a market benchmark) by identifying and investing in high quality companies trading at attractive prices.
  • We identify these companies through our own fundamental, in-depth research.
  • We are not biased to any particular sector or region but are instead focused on companies with a sustainable edge to their business models – it’s that edge, together with our attention on valuations that can deliver strong long-term returns.
  • We believe high conviction portfolios, which focus on a smaller number of investments, can deliver long-term returns.

What are the Risks?

All investments carry risk. While it is not possible to identify every risk relevant to your investment, we have provided details of the risks that may affect your investment in the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) or offer document.

You can find PDSs and other documents in our resources section. The relevant PDS, offer documents and forms can also be found in the sections below:

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Perpetual Global Share Fund

Fund in Focus

It takes conviction to deliver a true value global share fund.

The Perpetual Global Share Fund is a focused portfolio of 20-40 high quality companies; hand-picked for their long-term investment potential. When it comes to value investing, we not only have an active and proven approach, we possess the conviction to stick to it. It’s part of what makes us unique.


Net returns after fees (%) to 31 January 20181
1 month %pa 3 months %pa 6 months %pa 1 year %pa 2 years %pa 3 years %pa 5 years %pa 7 years %pa  Since Inception
Perpetual Wholesale Global Share Fund - Class A 1.1 4.3 12.0 21.4 14.4 11.3 -
Perpetual Wholesale Global Share Fund - Class W - - - - - - 20.3 15.5  15.6
MSCI World Net Accum Index AUD$ Unhedged 1.7 3.2 12.1 18.0 13.5 10.4 17.5 13.4  14.0

Source: Perpetual. Performance is shown net of fees as to 31 January 2018. Perpetual Investment Management Limited ABN 18 000 866 535 AFSL 234426 is the responsible entity of the Wholesale Global Share Fund. A Product Disclosure Statement is available by calling 1800 011 022. You should consider it before making a decision about whether to invest. Class A of the Perpetual Wholesale Global Share Fund has been operating since August 2014. To give a longer term view of our performance in the Fund, the returns for Class W, which has been operating since January 2011, are shown. Class W has identical investments to Class A. We have adjusted the return of Class W to reflect the fees applicable to Class A (including a 1.10% Management Fee and 15% Performance Fee). The estimated Performance Fee accrued as at 27 August 2014 is not carried into actual performance calculations commencing 28 August 2014. Further details on the Performance Fee calculation is available in the Perpetual Global Share Fund Product Disclosure Statement offering ‘Class A units’. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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