Your New Website

Your New Perpetual Website


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Your new website is designed to make it easier for you to access all the Perpetual information you want. Here’s how to find some key information:

Pricing and Performance

You can jump straight to the Pricing and Performance section from the “Help me find section” near the top of the Home Page.

Your New Perpetual Website

Alternatively, click on “Investments” from the global navigation above and it will drop down a menu of investment-related information. Pricing and Performance is at the top of the Investments menu.

Your New Perpetual Website

You can also get there from the Footer at the very bottom of all pages. The Footer contains links to all the key sections of the site.

Your New Perpetual Website

PDS and offer documents and other important forms

This important documentation can be found by clicking the “Forms, offer documents and Product Disclosure Statements” link in the Help Me Find area at the top of the Home. It is also located in the resources section.

Fund Information and Fund Profiles

You can quickly find information on a specific fund (or range of funds) by typing the fund name into the “Looking for a fund?” search module on the Home or Investments pages. 

The Fund Search module will take you to a specific fund or to the Pricing and Performance section of the site where your search results will be pre-populated.

Your New Perpetual Website

If you would like to download the Fund Profile for a specific fund, simply navigate to that fund via the “Looking for a fund?" search tool or via the Pricing and Performance search filters.

By clicking on the plus button on the right of the list, you can open the accordion where you will see a short fund summary. The summary allows you to download the Fund Profile.

You can also download a Fund Profile for the Perpetual fund of your choice from the Pricing and Performance tab of any Fund page.

Your New Perpetual Website

Your New Perpetual Website

Key features of your new site

At the top right of the home page the utility navigation options get you quickly to:

Find your way around the site

Across the top of the home page there are links to the main sections of the website.

Each key site section link drops down a menu of the information sections for that area.

Your New Perpetual Website

Enhanced Fund Pages

The new fund pages are designed to bring lots of relevant fund information into one page. Depending on the fund this can include video, News and Insights articles and information on the Perpetual analysts and fund managers who run the fund.

The Pricing and Performance, Details and Fees and How to Invest tabs provide a wide range of fund information, including the ability to download important documentation - such as fund profiles, PDSs, Continuous Disclosure information and more.

Your New Perpetual Website

Ways to Invest

Some funds are available in a range of investment types (General, Super, Retirement) and via multiple Perpetual products. The new Ways to Invest tool gives you the ability to find the combination you’re interested in. (NOTE: Some funds may be mutually exclusive).

Your New Perpetual Website