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According to Perpetual Adviser, Xavier Craven, most people moving into their post-work life have two distinct concerns – firstly visualising their new life and secondly working out how to pay for it.

Surprisingly many find the visualisation process the hardest part of realising their post-work paradise, endlessly wondering – what will it feel like? What will I do? Others have no trouble knowing what their retirement should look like – but wonder whether they will be able to afford it.

So, how can you address these seemingly dissimilar concerns? This is where good financial advice encompasses both art and science.


An experienced financial adviser will take the time to understand what you want to do in retirement. The art is in helping you see the possibilities of life after work. Everyone’s post-work paradise is different. For some, it’s a long cocktail, a tall tree and a lazy breeze. For some it’s irresistibly ticklish grandchildren. For others, it’s exactly like life is now – but with long weekends when no-one else is hogging the roads.

According to Xavier, being a sounding board is one of the most important parts of his job. “Most of us spend 40 years of our life focused on full-time work. Changing that is something that takes a lot of thought.” That’s why early meetings with an adviser are less about paperwork and planning and more about wide-ranging discussions on how you see your future.

Getting to that paradise – being able to afford your dreams can feel unattainable - but it needn’t be.


The science comes into play when experienced advisers like Xavier use various projection and modelling tools, plus research into investments, insurance options, estate planning and superannuation strategies to build a plan that makes your post-work paradise less of a possibility and more a reality. 

“It’s always about human needs,” says Xavier, “but for some clients being able to see what’s possible – via charts and projections and cashflow scenarios - provides real reassurance.”


The ‘aha’ moment comes when your vision of a post-work life is living-colour clear and the path to getting there is equally visible.

“It’s a big moment,” says Xavier. “The transition out of full-time work opens up many possibilities – but creates uncertainty too. My job as a financial adviser is to reduce the uncertainties and give people the best shot at their post-work paradise.”


Taking stock of your financial plan is critical to keeping your financial future on course.

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