The collaboration between the Australian Securitisation Forum (ASF) and Perpetual Corporate Trust (PCT) has dived deep into different aspects of the securitisation market.

  • In 2017, it asked global investors for insights into the pros and cons of the Australian securitisation market and what they were looking for in Australian securitisation investments.
  • In 2018, Perpetual and the Australian Securitisation Forum (ASF) looked at local trends and co-sponsored research into the needs and attitudes of Australian securitisation investors.

This year the area in the spotlight is the perspectives, needs and issues faced by Australian and New Zealand issuers.

The study used quantitative and qualitative research, with 20 in-depth, in-person interviews with local issuers and a subsequent online survey which captured the opinions of 35 issuers from a broad range of organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

The infographic below captures some key trends identified in the report.

Key trends

Want to know more about what Australian and New Zealand issuers are thinking?

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