windfarm, infrastructure report


In the 2017 Australian Investment Infrastructure Report, Perpetual and the IPA delve into the investment intentions and concerns of a group of infrastructure investors, including global and domestic sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, developers and banks.

While Australian assets remain attractive, when it comes to government policy and global competition, there are clouds on the horizon…. 


• Roads remain the preferred infrastructure type


• Despite concerns about energy policy, there is strong interest in Australia’s Renewable Energy assets



The research

This is the third annual edition of the Perpetual/IPA research, which combines qualitative and quantitative elements to provide insights into the perceptions of investors of Australian infrastructure and the factors that influence their decisions. This year’s 26 survey participants managed or owned an estimated AUD$220 billion in infrastructure investments worldwide. Over a third of them had global infrastructure investment portfolios worth more than AUD$20 billion.