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Today, global investment managers seeking long-term growth have a wide range of choices, both in emerging and established regions.

There are a range of reasons why Australia should be at the top of any list of growth options. Our new eBook , On your radar? Why Australia is the next logical step for your asset management business, looks at the main attractions for international asset managers including:

  • A deep pool - Australia’s Superannuation market is the world’s 4th largest1 with $2.8 trillion1 under management.


  • Safe hands - Australia’s regulatory structure is complex but battle-hardened, helping the country and its investors navigate the Asian crisis, the tech wreck and the GFC.


  • Economic strength - After a quarter of a century of uninterrupted growth, Australia offers global asset managers the sound economic foundations they’re looking for.

Under the bonnet down under

While benefiting from sound fundamentals, a growing economy and robust financial services sector the Australian market is complex with a unique mix of regulatory structures and product distribution options that global asset managers need to navigate.

The ON YOUR RADAR eBook looks at those issues and at how they can be managed.



1.  Austrade, Australia has the Fourth Largest Pension Fund Assets in the World, February 2019

Stay "On Your Radar"

Understand the opportunity and complexity of the Australian asset management market with this eBook

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