2017 Interim Reporting Season Update


Perpetual Asset Management

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Following the recent 2017 half-yearly company reporting season, Perpetual’s Head of Equities, Paul Skamvougeras, shares his insights on company performance across the ASX and what the key themes mean for investors.

Sector by sector trends

Which sectors performed well? Did resources and commodities deliver as strongly as everyone anticipated? Where were the pockets of weakness and are there areas where investors should be exercising caution?

Rising interest rates – what will they mean for your portfolio?

A key implication for investors is the effect that rising interest rates may have on portfolios. Paul shares his views on the likelihood of interest rate rises and what this will mean for sectors like housing.

Opportunities for investors

The market is open every day, so where do we see opportunities for investors? At current valuation levels, are there any standout sectors or companies that are appealing? Paul identifies where we are currently seeing opportunities as well as the risks investors should be mindful of.