Green buildings – good business?

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Perpetual Corporate Trust

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The rise of responsible investing and increasing sensitivity to ESG factors means property investors are under pressure – social, commercial and reputationally – to go green when it comes to commercial property.

But does going green make sense?

Perpetual Corporate Trust’s Investment Management property team have delved into the issue. To find a conclusion they looked at five main areas:

  • The ESG factors most widely used in assessing a commercial property investment in Australia;
  • Previous studies designed to evaluate a premium – if any – attached to green buildings;
  • Cost-benefit analysis based on empirical research;
  • Recent regulatory changes that affect building compliance and design feasibility – and what this trend is likely to deliver in the future; and
  • The level and type of tax concessions afforded to investors in ‘green’ buildings.

Find out the result of their research in the new white paper - Are Green Building Benefits Quantifiable?

Are green building benefits quantifiable?

For property investors, the rise of responsible investing and the use of ESG factors in investment decisions begs the big question – do green buildings pay?

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