Finding your sweet spot

Sweet Spotter

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Finding your sweet spot

More time for yourself and the money to help those you care about most.

Wouldn’t that be a sweet spot?

Perpetual asked 3,000 Australians to tell us what they cared about most in life. We uncovered a select group who have enough time and money to indulge their own passions without neglecting their responsibility for others.

We call them the Sweet Spotters.

How do they do it? In a nutshell, these Sweet Spotters are persistent, chatty with purpose and have a positive outlook on life.

Small Steps

Persistent in their focus on small goals to build a big future.

Sweet Spotters think about long term goals but realise the secret to achieving them is through short term planning. They write down their plans for coming months and chip away to achieve them. They believe short term planning leads to long term success.

Slow chats

Staying in touch with friends by making a point of reaching out on a weekly basis.

They take the initiative rather than waiting for people to contact them. Sweet Spotters are also big believers in open communication and far more comfortable having deep conversations than the rest of Australians.

No fences

Positivity and a glass-half-full approach is embraced by Sweet Spotters.

They are less likely to let the challenges of a busy life prevent them spending time and money on the things they care about. This includes making time to learn new things – and not just through Google.

Healthy finances

Sweet Spotters apply each of these traits when it comes to managing their financial situation. They regularly put savings in the bank (persistence), expect their financial adviser to keep them up to date and explain what they’re invested in (chatty with purpose) and believe it’s really important for their adviser to be aware of their personal aspirations (positivity).

Make your ‘To Do’ list your ‘Today’ list

Sweet Spotters do more than make plans for the future – they take immediate action. That’s why we love the idea of the Today list, rather than the To Do list.

We think it’s one of the reasons why Sweet Spotters are in a stronger financial position than other Australians. By creating a financial plan sooner in life, they are better off in the long run. It explains why more Sweet Spotters are able to give more to those they care about – including future generations through charitable giving.


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