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Traditional equities and bonds are the mainstays of many investment portfolios, but with interest rates rising (which pushes down bond prices) and equity volatility seemingly back in vogue, the benefits of broader diversification – more breadth - are ever more obvious.

Alternative investments offer patient investors the chance to get the kind of returns most people seek from traditional equities and bonds – but with more diversification. It’s that extra diversification that can give you more control over the risk in your portfolio.

As Kyle Lidbury and Theo Sofios explain in the video above, alternative investments include private equity, unlisted property, listed and unlisted infrastructure assets, private debt and absolute returns funds.

These are often illiquid assets that trade in non-public markets. You can buy shares quickly and easily on the stock market – the ultimate public market, but some highly attractive infrastructure assets - a road network in Asia for example - may never be publicly traded.

As a result, alternative investments often can suit investors who have a long time-frame – such as charities and those high net worth investors who can afford to lock some of their portfolio away in the interest of good returns and more risk control.

Award winning alternatives

In response to our clients’ need for extra diversification and consistent income/long-term growth, Perpetual Private developed the Perpetual Income Opportunities Fund and the Perpetual Growth Opportunities Fund. Both Funds are celebrating 10-years in market this year. They have a combined $1 billion in funds under management.

At the annual Hedge Funds Rock Australian Alternative Investments Awards held in Sydney in September 2018, Perpetual was recognised as Best Alternative Investment Manager of the Year and the Perpetual Income Opportunities Fund won Best Multi Strategy Fund.



If you’re an investor who wants to improve the risk-return balance in your portfolio, without sacrificing returns, it may be worth talking to your Financial Adviser about the Perpetual Private Opportunities Funds – or calling Perpetual Private to find out more.

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