With Christmas just around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in the parties and presents – it is the silly season after all. But the festive season is also a time for reflection, and with your family around you, an ideal time to discuss how you can help those less fortunate.

Here are four reasons why Christmas is the perfect time to start a conversation about philanthropy.

1.         It’s the season of giving

Christmas is a time of giving – we spend time and money finding the perfect gifts for those we care about, waiting excitedly for their reactions when they open their presents. It’s during the Christmas period that we often realise giving is more rewarding than receiving.

This joy of giving is at the heart of philanthropy, enabling us to positively impact the communities we care about. With your Christmas spirit in full swing, now is the perfect time to explore the rewards of structured giving.

2.         Everyone is in the room – the opportunity is now

Christmas may be one of the few times when your family comes together. So it’s a great opportunity to discuss the causes your family cares about and how philanthropy might be something you can do together. We often hear stories about multi-generations sitting around the table discussing causes they are passionate about, and how powerful this impact and bonding time can be.

3.         The gift of giving – for your children

It’s important to talk about your philanthropy with your children. You may be making a big difference to the lives of others, but if your children don’t understand why you’re doing it, they may not appreciate what it means to you.

Research out of the UN and the University of Indiana (A Tradition of Giving) tells us that parents who talk about charitable giving inspire action in their children. Christmas is a great opportunity to raise the importance of giving and to instill a community minded philosophy in your children.

4.         Inspire action for the coming year

While you may already give to charity on a casual basis, structured giving has more of a profound impact than ad hoc donations. In fact, the Giving Australia 2016 research project found that those who structure their giving donate six times more to the causes they care about.

There’s no better time to put giving on the agenda for 2017. Set a goal and make yourself accountable for the coming 12 months – it could be as simple as an initial discussion with an adviser.

However you choose to approach it, incorporating philanthropy into your Christmas cheer could make it the most rewarding festive season yet.

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