Thanks to technology and globalisation the world is getting ever more complex. But in the Perpetual Global Share fund we take a very simple approach to investing. As an active, value manager, with a bottom-up investment process, we want to invest decisively based on intensive analysis of an investment’s quality, value and risk.

We do not attempt to predict where geopolitics, technology or markets are heading – we simply seek to own high quality investments at prices that represent good value.

In a world where technology isn’t so much shifting the dial as replacing the dial with an app, that means getting very close to management so we can get a deep understanding of what’s driving their businesses and their decisions. It means investing alongside management teams that are fiercely – and financially - committed to the success of their business.

The Perpetual Global Share Fund is agnostic about the size of the company and the industry it operates in. What we look for are companies with high quality products and services that generate strong free cashflow. Over the past six years some of the companies that hit those marks include Alphabet/Google, 21st Century Fox, Oracle, NASDAQ and Wells Fargo.

Remaining true to our core value management style means we act decisively but invest conservatively. We seek to grow and protect our client’s funds – and that’s where deep research and a commitment to quality and value pay off. By protecting investors when markets are running against us, we have more capital to deploy when we find great opportunities.

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1 The Perpetual Wholesale Global Share Fund has been operating since August 2014. Class A has been operating since August 2014. To give a longer term view of our performance in the Fund, the returns for Class W, which has been operating since January 2011, are included in the performance calculation. Class W has identical investments to class A and we have adjusted the return of Class W to reflect the fees applicable to Class A. The return shown has been calculated using the performance of the W Class less a 1.10% Management Fee and 15% Performance Fee which are the fees applicable to Class A. Class A & Class W have identical investments. Further details on the Performance Fee calculation is available in the Perpetual Wholesale Global Share Fund Product Disclosure Statement offering ‘Class A units’. The estimated Performance Fee accrued as at 27 August 2014 is not carried into actual performance calculations commencing 28 August 2014.

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