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Case study: Supporting LGBT+ inclusion and communities

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Every year, we celebrate Pride Month in May to support our LGBTQ+ colleagues and send a clear message that we are a workplace that is open and accepting, where everyone feels like they can be their true self.  

Within our boutiques, the J O Hambro Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee hosted two webinar events on LGBTQ+ Allyship in the Workplace and the History of the LGBTQ+ Movement, which were recorded and shared with our global network. 

Perpetual Group identifies priority areas of funding across the philanthropy sector, which are traditionally underfunded and can recommend these to our clients, where appropriate. Despite 11% of Australians identifying as being of diverse sexuality, only the tiniest fraction of grants (50 cents in every 100 philanthropic dollars) are explicitly given to LGBTQ+ projects. On behalf of our philanthropic clients, we helped to facilitate $683,000 in grants to organisations supporting LGBTQ+ people and communities.