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Case study: Regnan collaborating on climate disclosure and food waste

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As a member of Responsible Investment Association Australasia’s (RIAA) policy and advocacy technical advisory group, Regnan participated in a Treasury consultation on climate disclosures, emphasising that climate risk exposure should be considered in conjunction with company size. The Regnan team argued that such requirements should not increase burdens on listed companies relative to unlisted peers. The need for capacity building and the potential role for government was also emphasised in RIAA’s formal submission, available here. 

During FY23, Regnan held its fourth Sustainable Food System Roundtable bringing together senior leaders from across the food and agricultural value chain. The session focused on food waste and featured presentations from Dr Liz Goodwin from the World Resources Institute and Dr Steven Lapidge of Fight Food Waste Limited. The session, with ASX-listed companies in attendance, explored the scale and origin of food waste across the value chain; the negative contribution of food waste to climate change and biodiversity loss; and the tools and resources to help companies improve their performance.  

With 24% of the world’s calories going to waste and 8% of annual global GHG emissions relating to food loss and waste, it is critical agenda for the corporate and policy communities.  

For more information visit: https://regnan.com/