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Case study: Perpetual Digital’s new ESG and Carbon Risk score rating

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Robust data and a clear and consistent scoring methodology are critical to understanding, managing and reporting on companies, ESG strategies and performance.  


Perpetual Digital is finalising the development and launch of an ESG and Carbon Risk score rating solution to provide industry-consistent ratings, reports and industry benchmarking for authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs), which previously may have not had the level of focus or detailed data and ESG reporting capability to support their ESG and climate performance.  


The ESG and Carbon Risk score rating was developed by Laminar Capital in conjunction with the Institutional Shareholder Services group of companies (ISS) – a global provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions for institutional investors and corporations.  


The score assesses companies’ risks and opportunities based on a broad range of ESG criteria and themes: 

  1. Climate, social and governance risks 
  2. Industry-specific issues 
  3. Impact of products and services on the SDGs 
  4. Industry sustainability risk profile 
  5. Relevance of the EU taxonomy3 for SMEs 


The ESG and Carbon Risk score will be launched in FY23 to provide ADI clients and their stakeholders with more meaningful and balanced ESG data and insights. This will help ADIs to obtain access to investment where previously they may have been negatively screened out of the investment universe by potential investors.