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Case study: Partnering with LifeChanger to help young people thrive

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Through FY22, we continued to partner with the LifeChanger Foundation, a preventative mental health and wellbeing non-profit that empowers young people to live thriving, resilient lives. The organisation uses pre-emptive, early intervention programs to build young people’s self-esteem, self-awareness and positive self-identity.  


In FY21, Perpetual entered into a three-year partnership with the LifeChanger where we have committed to provide $150,000 annually, to help LifeChanger extend their critical programs into schools in NSW, having already been established in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.  


Perpetual’s funding has contributed to a dramatic increase in LifeChanger’s presence and impact nationally in schools. In NSW alone, LifeChanger has connected 3,270 youth participants to take part in programs, and 250 mentors being accredited, over 70 of which are Perpetual employees.  


Recent studies have highlighted that on average, adults spend only 18 seconds a day in meaningful conversations with their children. Partnering with Scott Watters and the LifeChanger team, Perpetual hosted two ‘family day’ events for our employees, their children and other young members of their families to emphasise the importance of connection. The practical session left families with tips and frameworks to empower meaningful connection and conversation in their homes.