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Case study: Having a good spring clean out

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Perpetual’s Building Services Team in Sydney completed a clean 

out in November 2021 of our large storage facility in western Sydney. 

Over the years, the storage facility had filled to capacity with excess 

workstations, technology, kitchen appliances, electrical and light 

fittings, carpets, furniture, and even metal statues. 


The team carefully sorted through every item to determine the 

best outcome for it. We donated any suitable items to TwoGood, 

a charity committed to supporting survivors of domestic violence. 

Wherever possible, all items that were still in good condition were 

reused. Items that no longer had a purpose were sent to metal or 

second-hand furniture recyclers. By the time the clean out was 

completed, 12 tonnes of metal was sent to recycling, all whitegoods 

were donated, and all chairs, cabinetry and storage boxes were reused.