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Aged care in 2022 – fixing a once in a generation challenge

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Expert insights for Aged Care providers grappling with reform, labour shortages and consolidation. 

The government calls its reform of Aged Care a ‘once in a generation’ reform. It is that. And most Aged Care providers welcome the reform. But they are being asked to manage this landmark systemic change whilst dealing with a web of interconnecting challenges:

  • The ongoing effects of Covid on clients, operations and budgets.
  • A critical labour shortage exacerbated by Covid-immigration restrictions and competition for key staff. 
  • The difficulty of attracting clients into centres given Covid fears, staff shortages and increased HomeCare funding.

How can providers manage these reforms, ensure their future viability and protect the interest of their clients?

The answers can be found in a new white paper, jointly produced by Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA), advisory group Fordham and investment specialist Perpetual. 

Download the whitepaper
This white paper draws on ACSA’s expertise to paint a picture of the current environment and look at the social implications of reform and consolidation.
Just as importantly, it explains how Aged Care providers can adapt to the systemic shift they face through strategic thinking that helps them answer key questions:
  • How adaptable is the organisation and its people? 
  • What are the financial metrics providers need to manage to survive and thrive?
  • Predator, prey or partner – where does an organisation sit in a consolidating aged care sector?

Ultimately, the white paper is designed to help Aged Care providers and their leaders make the crucial decision – Stay and Grow. Or go. 

It’s an invaluable, practical roadmap for all providers.  



Perpetual runs Investment Strategy Management workshops that can help aged care providers tailor their investment strategy to today’s low-rate investment environment – and in doing so, help manage today’s high-costs operating environment.

If your organisation would like to talk through these issues – including a tailored investment strategy and liquidity management assessment – please fill in the form below or contact Anthony Hamawi on 03 9611 6665, 0402 495 448 or anthony.hamawi@perpetual.com.au

Want to speak with an expert?

Get in touch with our Aged Care specialists through the contact details in the white paper or by submitting the form below.

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