Money can’t ease the pain of those who’ve suffered a life-changing injury. Or reduce the anguish felt by their families.

What it can do is ensure a better quality of life, better medical care and more peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing a compensation payment will last long into the future whilst funding the best care, rehab and mental health services for the client.

Perpetual’s Health and Personal Injury team understand the importance of personal attention. Our financial advisers and trust managers coordinate a whole range of services to make life better for clients and their families.

That includes financial advice - from tax and superannuation strategies to cash flow and compensation payout management - to make sure clients receive the best possible care over the longest timeframe. And the practical but vital services that make a difference every day – including looking after regular household, medical and care bills and managing care providers.

Client Stories

For many years Perpetual has assisted people who have suffered a serious injury. We begin by talking to clients (and their families and advisers) to understand their unique situation and start a strong long-term relationship. We then apply our trustee experience and financial expertise to address the client’s individual needs and work with their solicitors and other professional and medical advisers – including medical teams, carers and therapists - to achieve the best result.

Health and personal injury services

All-in-one: Looking after our client’s finances and wellbeing

Personal injury clients need a long-term relationship that’s built on trust and a holistic view of their needs. At Perpetual, we help personal injury clients with big issues such as buying a house or investing in medical technology (See Carlos’ story). But we also help with everyday matters – paying bills, maintaining a home - because we understand that sometimes the small things mean the most.

Whether you’re the recipient of a compensation payment or responsible for someone who’s been injured, choosing the right professional partner can help you to set the foundations to create long-term financial security. We can invest assets, advise on tax and super strategies, assist with budgeting and cash flow management, manage day-to-day financial tasks such as paying bills and ensuring carers and dependents are considered in investment and estate planning strategies.

Perpetual’s comprehensive suite of services for personal injury clients includes:

Managing personal injury finances can be complex. The aim is to ensure that compensation capital lasts the life of the client – but you also need to generate sufficient cashflow for day-to-day needs. A Perpetual adviser will craft investment strategies, manage cashflow and balance risk and return in the client’s portfolio.

Perpetual trust managers provide a central point of contact for clients and their family members for their day-to-day needs. The trust manager will liaise with a range of the service providers to address and manage complex trust issues, manage matters with government departments and regulators, organise past claims for carers, and respond to questions and complaints.

Because personal injury clients have complex, changing and often competing needs, their investment portfolios often need broad diversification. Perpetual’s investment research capabilities cover the major asset classes, direct equities, multi-manager funds and alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds. That means we can help clients build a portfolio with the mix of investment assets that exactly suits their needs.

Our accountants help clients and their families by preparing tax returns, assessing the tax implications of various investment, social security, service provider and NDIS arrangements and implementing the most tax-effective approach for clients.

Intelligent estate planning can give personal injury clients more flexibility in managing their capital and their lives. We’ve partnered with a panel of estate planning experts who can help with statutory will preparation, super planning, trust structures (testamentary, protective or family trusts and charitable trusts), setting up enduring powers of attorney, guardianship arrangements or advanced directives and succession planning.

Our property specialists can help personal injury clients and their advisers get the most out of any property holding. That includes managing and reporting on properties and optimising the income they generate and capital growth they may provide. Read this brochure which provides more detail on our property services.

We work with several personal injury service providers to ensure clients understand the impact of the evolving NDIS service and can get the most out of the scheme.

We can provide carer insurance at the most competitive price to ensure clients have adequate support should their carer no longer be able to provide it.

Our financial advisers – in their own words

Andrew Parker

"It’s a huge responsibility when a client contacts us to assist in managing their financial affairs when a compensation payment has been awarded. We take our fiduciary and custodial responsibilities very seriously in order to ensure only the best outcomes are achieved for our clients and their carer’s. A critical element to successful financial management is the relationship that is developed overtime with our clients and their families. These relationships are often the most rewarding throughout our careers.” – Andrew Parker, Partner at Perpetual Private

Robert Eadie

“I encourage my clients to have input into how we manage their funds and prepare their budget. It’s rewarding to make a difference in the lives of my clients and their carers by supporting them and developing financial solutions that make their lives better every day.” – Robert Eadie, Senior Trust Manager, National Health & Personal Injury at Perpetual Private

Your Health and Personal Injury Team

Your best interests at heart


Ensuring clients have funds that last a lifetime is our highest priority. We take a long-term approach to investing because we believe quality investments yield benefits in the long run. Our advisers and investment specialists have a high duty of care in developing portfolios and ensuring Perpetual’s stringent quality investment filters are met.

All too often, recipients of catastrophic compensation settlements partner with a financial adviser that adopts a passive investment strategy because of the allure of lower fees. Unfortunately, this choice can be at the detriment of long term investment returns and downside risk protection, which is a particularly important consideration for these clients, who often do not have a substantial income source outside  their trust.

Perpetual provides active portfolio management for its clients, giving them the benefit of our investment research team’s manager selection expertise. We recommend active investment managers as we have high confidence in their ability to outperform a best in class passive manager. Active managers often charge a higher fee than passive managers where funds simply track the market weighted index.


Simply put, personal injury clients are more vulnerable. Vulnerable to further health issues, to financial stresses, to fraud and deception. That means the duty of care for their service providers and advisers is even higher.

Perpetual is an ASX-listed company which has been serving Australians since 1886 when it was established as a trustee company. That trustee heritage – and the culture it created around putting clients first – is a crucial part of the promise we make to personal injury clients.

That trustee culture is backed by a rigorous approach to risk management (see the diagram below, which looks at risk management across every level at Perpetual).  Our tightly managed, formal governance structure ensures we constantly manage the risks associated with performing trustee and financial advice obligations for clients.

Our risk-management culture extends into our advice and investment management services as well. We will never place short-term results ahead of an investment and advice approach tailored to meet the unique needs of each personal injury client.


Perpetual is committed to providing one-on-one support to clients and their families. From the start, Perpetual can establish the right structures to protect the client – and during the long-term care necessary for clients, we will co-ordinate the services of many different providers from carers, to medical professionals and lawyers.

We also have the financial expertise to create personalised, long-term financial plans and investment strategies for every client’s unique needs. Our financial advice is supported by a team of experts who can research and implement investment portfolios to protect and grow the client’s capital while funding their lifestyle needs.

Today, Perpetual serves over 750 personal injury clients around Australia. The Carlos and Knox stories above show how important one-to-one relationships are when working with personal injury clients.


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Note: The schedule of fees and charges for Health and Personal Injury clients are outlined in our Financial Services Guide.