Trustee & Security Trustee

Our trustee and security trustee services team can help with all aspects of establishing a trust and managing its ongoing compliance obligations. We can also help your business with bond safekeeping to meet risk-retention requirements for offshore issuance.

Trust Management & Accounting

We provide tailored trust administration services as well as the building of RBA compliant models including VBA cash flow waterfall development and Weighted Average Life (WAL) calculations.


Brighte Capital

The Brighte idea of making sustainable home energy products cheaper and easier to access is about capital as well as energy. Here’s how we worked with this exciting energy market disrupter to bring their vision to life.

Document Custody

Document accuracy and security is crucial to protect the interests of the trust and stakeholders. We safeguard more than 600,000 security packets either electronically or in secure vaults in Sydney and Melbourne. We verify loan documentation accuracy and completeness for approximately 9,000 loans per month (as at November 2018). And we look forward, helping you to plan for your future needs – including electronic document storage.

Access our Client Document Custody Portal.

Standby Servicing

Our comprehensive standby servicing platform is built on a real readiness to step in. This includes a detailed standby servicing plan, initial capability assessment and scenario analysis and ongoing site visits and assessment.


La Trobe Financial

Partners on a path to growth

Meeting the needs of both sophisticated investors and individual borrowers needs the ability to live up to the highest of standards – and to partner with companies who do the same.

Australian Data Warehouse

Our RBA repo-eligibility compliance reporting, issuer, intermediary and investor reporting via ABSPerpetual, as well as 3rd party aggregated data services, helps promote transparency and comparability of the securitisation market linking issuers, investors and intermediaries.

Perpetual Business Intelligence, a cloud-based data service, provides data quality and validation, security and loan level analytics that can help you with your securitisation program reporting needs.



Liberating the self-employed

Meeting the unique needs of the self-employed requires a true human touch and a partner who’s a one-stop shop when it comes to securitisation.

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