Investor and Market Intelligence

Deal Room screenshot

Deal Room

Managing securitisation transactions securely, efficiently and effectively

  • Access to cloud-native platform with enhanced security for investor and deal participants

  • Issuers and lead managers are able to use self-service functionality to create trusts, upload and download a range of trust reports in multiple formats and manage investor permissions

  • Investors can view and download all trust information across multiple issuers in the one location (via the Deal Room module)

  • Receive email alert notifications when new trust documentation and information is available

  • Sort, filter and search function for trusts and reports

  • Publish trusts and reports with precision and different levels of access to investors

Loan analytics across eight asset classes

Drawing on a unique data set to deliver vital analysis and insights, this module reduces the time, risk and effort involved in data manipulation.

  • Automate manual data processing and eliminate cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets
  • Create graphical reporting linking business strategy to portfolio composition and trends
  • Quickly and easily generate reports or dashboards to meet board or management needs
  • Segment and drill down within visuals across key loan, borrower, and security data dimensions down to postcode
  • Integrate data sets from disparate lending systems to create a single source of truth across multiple asset classes

Security analytics

Security analytics

Analyse and visualise key RMBS and security performance metrics to deliver vital analysis and insights

  • Enrich and automate data transfer from core systems and third-party sources
  • Quickly and simply compare trust performance on key metrics, both via visualisations and core data
  • Ability to import additional data for comparison
  • Access a unique data set via Australian Data Warehouse with over 30 lenders, 20 years’ history and $80 bn of public RMBS*
  • Perform collateral trend analysis from original to current balance
  • Use interactive reporting and visualisation against the Aggregated Market, Master Trust(s) or Series Trust(s)

Mortgage Market Analytics screenshot

Mortgage Market Analytics

Improve your risk management and mortgage portfolio processes with the latest insights drawn from $80bn of mortgage performance data

  • Compare your arrears book 30 lenders and $80bn of mortgages*
  • Gain access to data and insights on current and historical arrears performance
  • Segment and drill down analytics across geographies and key loan, borrower and property data dimensions
  • Automate manual data processing and eliminate cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets.
  • Visualise loan performance down to key loan and borrower attributes
  • Produce dynamic dashboards exportable into Board reports and executive packs

Portfolio Management screenshot

Portfolio management and compliance

Automated portfolio and compliance monitoring to improve accuracy, deliver early warning alerts and prevent compliance breaches

  • Access an automated, standardised granular data set from core systems to the dashboards
  • Perform visual analysis of key trends and insights, removing reliance on spreadsheets and reducing key person risk
  • Enrich analysis with unique data set going back 20 years, from over 30 lenders and $80bn of public RMBS*
  • Reduce cyber risk with a secure data transfer module from the issuer to the investor
  • Implement business rules to automatically track portfolio performance against key constraints, events and legal covenants
  • Fast-track compliance across loan eligibility criteria, portfolio parameters, amortisation events and other custom business rules
  • Drill down to problem loans contributing to breached rules
  • Receive configurable automated email and text alerts for warning levels and breaches

Benchmarking screenshot


Simple and sophisticated portfolio and deal comparison and benchmarking

  • Access a unique data set (Australian Data Warehouse: over 30 lenders, 20 years’ history and $80bn of public RMBS)*
  • Quickly and visually compare trusts’ performance and composition across key metrics
  • Compare pool metrics by numerous borrower and loan attributes
  • Analyse visual comparison of period-on-period changes in trust or issuer performance and composition
  • Quickly access greater insight into how public transactions and your private deals compare with each other across a range of attributes
  • Automate pre-deal analysis and ongoing portfolio monitoring
  • Obtain self-service portfolio insights in your private and market deals - arrears, composition, performance
  • Leverage automated portfolio compliance, triggers and alerts


Underpinned by a unique data set going back 20 years, covering over 30 lenders and $80bn in public RMBS*. Modules also support additional investor data from existing data sources and deliver automated, standardised granular datasets from ABS issuers to investors.

Automates email and text alerts issued for warning levels and breaches across a range of portfolio rules. Digital governance of key processes mitigates errors.

Continuously enhanced platform to give you the operational agility to pursue new business opportunities.

Delivers increased business scalability by focusing key, skilled resources on developments delivering real business value.

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