Funding Optimisation

The new Funding Optimisation module of the Perpetual Intelligence platform gives you the visibility and efficiencies you need to enhance margins.

For too long, optimising your funding has been a laborious, error-prone and stressful process. Old fashioned, Excel-based processes mean too many of your team spend too much of their time managing multiple spreadsheets instead of client and investor relationships.

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Perpetual's new Funding Optimisation solution changes all that!

Manage compliance, improve cyber security and drive efficiency

Using the latest cloud-based technology and inbuilt algorithms, the new funding optimisation module optimises the funding process, improves compliance and allows you to drive efficiencies and scale.

Perpetual’s new Funding Optimisation module is already in place and onboarding some of Australia’s most innovative financial services organisations.

What our clients say

BC INvest

“We’re always looking for ways to get our people adding value for stakeholders rather than battling through multiple spreadsheets. Perpetual’s Funding Optimisation module puts all the information at our fingertips so we can move fast.” - Karl Sick, COO, BC Investment Group

Nano Logo

“As a digital technology company that has innovated the lending process by using technology to deliver efficiency and savings for our customers, I wanted to ensure our funding optimisation process reflected similar attributes” - Rowan Harry, Treasurer at Nano

Why not find out what a state-of-the-art funding module can do for your business?

Talk to a Perpetual Intelligence expert about how our Funding Optimisation module can underpin more efficiency – and faster growth – in your business. Start your Funding Optimisation today.

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