Australian Data Warehouse

Australian Data Warehouse promotes the growth, liquidity and transparency of Australia’s securitisation market.

Whether you’re an investor, issuer or deal arranger, you want fast, easy access to all relevant transaction data.

Perpetual has been a leading provider of Asset Backed Securities (ABS) information since the launch of our reporting service in 1997. ABSPerpetual is the Australian Data Warehouse, which provides a unique point of reference for domestic and global investors and intermediaries who seek timely, accurate and comprehensive transaction and collateral information. In 2018, ABSPerpetual Investor Reporting Services covered over 40 issuers and more than 300 trusts.

We continue to invest in the Australia Data Warehouse, it’s technology and process improvement – with a focus on providing the link between issuers, regulators and investment communities.

RBA repo-eligibility compliance and issuers’ reporting

ABSPerpetual is a secure web platform where issuers can easily upload files in CSV, Excel or via SFTP to report data to the RBA and investment communities. The platform is built on secure infrastructure with extensive data configuration and validation rules to ensure data quality and standardisation.


Investor and intermediary reporting

For investors, regulators, rating agencies and other market participants, ABSPerpetual Investor Reporting Services delivers unmatched market coverage for comprehensive data and reporting – including access to granular collateral data for RBA repo-eligible securities and information on almost all public RMBS and ABS issues in Australia.

A range of transaction, security, pool and loan level reporting tools, access to issuer documents compiled by the Trust Manager, information memorandums, prospectuses and offering circulars are some of the reporting functionalities you can use to build your views on your investment or market player.  You can set-up email alerts and export data for analysis and create multiple portfolios of securities to quickly and easily monitor existing investments and compare and assess prospective investments.

Investor Reporting Subscription Plans

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Case Studies




Liberating the self-employed

Meeting the unique needs of the self-employed requires a true human touch and a partner who’s a one-stop shop when it comes to securitisation.

La Trobe Financial

Partners on a path to growth

Meeting the needs of both sophisticated investors and individual borrowers needs the ability to live up to the highest of standards – and to partner with companies who do the same.

Australian Trustee of the Year Award

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Research and Reports

The Australian Securitisation Issuer Report 2019

Over recent years the Australian Securitisation Forum (ASF) and Perpetual Corporate Trust (PCT) have collaborated on a series of joint research reports into the dynamics of the local securitisation market. This year the focus is on the perspectives and needs of Australian and New Zealand issuers.

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