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Macquarie Australia Conference presentation 05/05/2022 Download PDF
Perpetual Q3 Business Update - April 2022 21/04/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 3H - Notification of cessation of securities 13/04/2022 Download PDF
Correction to Appendix 3H 12/04/2022 Download PDF
PDL:Pendal determines NBIO not in best interests of shareholder 12/04/2022 Download PDF
Response to Pendal announcement regarding conditional, non-binding indicative proposed acquisition 04/04/2022 Download PDF
Pause in Trading 04/04/2022 Download PDF
PDL: Non-Binding Indicative Proposal from Perpetual Limited 04/04/2022 Download PDF
Resignation of Portfolio Manager for the Perpetual Loan Fund 29/03/2022 Download PDF
Dividend/Distribution - PPT 24/02/2022 Download PDF
Operating and Financial Review - 31 December 2021 24/02/2022 Download PDF
Half Yearly Report and Accounts 24/02/2022 Download PDF
1H22 ASX Announcement 24/02/2022 Download PDF
1H22 Results Presentation 24/02/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 4D 24/02/2022 Download PDF
Invitation to 2022 Half Year Results Briefing 03/02/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 3X - V Riggio (Alt Director) 01/02/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 3X - P Blackmore (Director) 01/02/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 3Z - P Blackmore (Alt Director) 01/02/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 3Z - V Riggio (Director) 01/02/2022 Download PDF
Appendix 3Z - S Mosse 01/02/2022 Download PDF
Board Resignations and Appointments 01/02/2022 Download PDF
Perpetual Q2 Business Update - January 2022 27/01/2022 Download PDF
Investor Day Presentation 09/12/2021 Download PDF
Investor Day - Virtual Only Event 06/12/2021 Download PDF
Investor Day Invitation 08/11/2021 Download PDF
Appendix 3Y - R Adams 04/11/2021 Download PDF
Notification regarding unquoted securities - PPT 25/10/2021 Download PDF
Results of Meeting - 2021 AGM 21/10/2021 Download PDF
PPT 2021 AGM Presentation 21/10/2021 Download PDF


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