Client Advocacy

OUR APPROACH TO Client Advocacy

At Perpetual, we appreciate trust is earned when we do the right thing by our clients. We want our clients to be satisfied with our products, services and processes, but we know that we’re not perfect. When something does go wrong or doesn’t work out as expected, we welcome the opportunity to try and make things right for our clients and ensure your issue is dealt with fairly.

If you have a complaint or concern, please visit our Making a complaint section on our website for more information on how to lodge a complaint with us and our complaints process.

If you are unhappy with our complaints process, our dedicated and independent client advocacy team can assist.

Our Client Advocacy Team

Perpetual has a dedicated Client Advocacy Team, which is responsible for ensuring that clients obtain the assistance they need to have their complaint heard, objectively investigated and resolved fairly. Our Client Advocacy Team reports to Perpetual’s Chief Risk Officer and is independent of Perpetual’s operational businesses. 

Our Client Advocacy Team also welcomes your feedback on your experience of dealing with Perpetual. We also welcome your suggestions for improvements in our products, services and processes and on what we can do to improve how we manage complaints.


Our commitment to you

We understand that lodging a complaint takes time and effort for our clients, so our commitment is to try and make the experience as easy and seamless as possible for you. When you raise a complaint against Perpetual, we will:

  1. Deal with you respectfully throughout the process.
  2. Investigate objectively and without bias in the interests of uncovering what went wrong and how you have been impacted.
  3. Resolve your complaint as quickly as we can and where we can’t resolve your complaint quickly, we will let you know of the reasons for the delay and a timeframe for resolution.
  4. Offer resolutions that are fair and balanced.


Contacting our client advocacy team

Via email to

By Post to:

Head of Client Advocacy
GPO Box 4171
Sydney NSW 2001

What we need from you:

Tell us in your own words:

  • What Perpetual product, service or process your complaint relates to.
  • What happened and when it happened
  • Who has already dealt with your complaint
  • What you want us to do to resolve your complaint
  • Your preferred contact method for dealing with us as we work through the process of investigating your concerns

Include any supporting documents or records that highlight what has gone wrong if you are writing to us.

We recognise that some of our clients might require assistance and are happy to accept information on behalf of our clients by their authorised representative or advocate.