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Case study: Calling on country

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Artist, Jarred Franey from Irretye Art was recently commissioned by the Native Title team to design a polo shirt that would be suitable for the team’s on-country engagements. Jarred is a proud Arrernte (Mparntwe / Alice Springs) and Pitta (Boulia / Western Queensland) man. He is now living in Broome with his son and wife, a Nimanburr woman with ties to Yawuru, Bardi and Nyul family groups.

The artwork is called ‘Country Calling’ and depicts the cultural connection that custodians of the land have to our culture, country, animals and people.

"The central symbols reflect the family unit and community coming together to share stories, knowledge and food, which leads off to the left and right journey pathways of both men and women. Our Elders, men, and women teaching and passing down our cultural practice to our youth so that our ways are not forgotten and strengthens our cultural identity and self-worth. These journeys teach the next generation about our cultural heritage, customs and protocols, and the passing down of important knowledge and information such as Songlines and Dreaming.’

Jarred Franey, Irretye Art