Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: GLOB)

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The Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund has an unquoted unit class or an ASX quoted unit class.

GLOB is a unit class in the Barrow ­­Hanley Global Share Fund that is quoted and traded on the ASX as an Exchange Traded Managed Fund (ETMF). The Fund is managed by Barrow Hanley, who is part of Perpetual Asset Management International.

Their consistent, repeatable investment process identifies companies across the globe and the market cap spectrum to exploit inefficiencies. This results in a well-diversified, high active share portfolio that provides asymmetrical returns by participating in up markets while protecting in down markets.


The fund aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth through investment in quality global shares and to outperform the MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD) (before fees and taxes) over rolling three-year periods.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • A smoother ride for investors. Portfolio consists of offense and defense in order to participate in up markets and protect in down markets.
  • Best ideas portfolio. Consisting of companies around the globe, diversified across securities, regions and sectors.
  • Consistent and robust investment process. Valuation centric, bottom-up investment process dedicated to exploit market inefficiencies and manage risk.
  • Deep Investment Expertise. The team has an average of 25 years' investment experience through multiple market cycles.


All investments carry risk. While it is not possible to identify every risk relevant to your investment, we have provided details of the risks that may affect your investment in the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) or offer document.

You can find PDSs and other documents in our resources section. The relevant PDS, offer documents and forms can also be found here.

Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund (Managed Fund)

Pricing & Performance

ASX Announcements

Announcement Date  
Monthly Units on Issue and Redemptions - July 2022 08/08/2022 Download PDF
Monthly Investment Update - June 2022 20/07/2022 Download PDF
Monthly Units on Issue and Redemptions - June 2022 07/07/2022 Download PDF
DRP Price Announcement - June 2022 06/07/2022 Download PDF
Final Distribution Announcement - June 2022 04/07/2022 Download PDF

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NAV per unit as at 11/08/2022

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iNAV as at


Intra-day iNAV per unit#

Fund Commencement Date

May 2022

Indicative NAV (iNAV) per unit

# An indicative NAV per Unit (iNAV) for GLOB is published above and updated throughout the ASX Trading Day. The iNAV will be based on the latest mid price of each security, and will take into account proxies (including futures) where a live price is unavailable (for example, if the relevant market is closed). The iNAV reflects the real time movements in stock markets and currencies during the ASX Trading Day and, for securities not trading during the ASX Trading Day, listed proxy instruments selected on the basis of correlations with the underlying investments. The proxies and their correlations with underlying instruments are reviewed regularly and updated as required.

The iNAV represents the best estimate by the Responsible Entity or its appointed agent, IHS Markit of the value per unit in GLOB throughout the trading day. No assurance can be given that the iNAV will be published continuously or that it will be up to date or free from error. To the extent permitted by law, neither the Responsible Entity nor its appointed agent shall be liable to any person who relies on the iNAV.

Frequently Asked Questions

GLOB is a unit class in the Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund and is quoted and traded on the ASX as an Exchange Traded Managed Fund (ETMF). The Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund is a well-diversified, high active share portfolio that seeks to provide asymmetrical returns by participating in up markets while protecting in down markets.

GLOB will be quoted on the ASX, so investors can buy and sell GLOB on the ASX at the prevailing market price through a stockbroker, share trading account or other securities trading platform, much like the process for buying and selling shares.

Generally, a Holder Identification Number (HIN) will be issued to you which allows you to view your ETMF holdings alongside any other listed investments you have.

An indicative net asset value (iNAV) per unit will be published for GLOB during ASX trading hours. See top of this page. The iNAV reflects the estimated NAV per unit during the ASX trading day. It provides a useful point of reference to assist investors in understanding if they are purchasing or selling units in the ETMF at, or close to the NAV per unit.

The Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund has two unit classes:

  1. The Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund - Class A – investors can apply and redeem in this unit class by applying under the product disclosure statement and completing the application form or via platform.
  2. The Barrow Hanley Global Share Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: GLOB) – investors can buy and sell units in this unit class on the ASX via their stockbroker, share trading account or other securities trading platform.

The same investment objective and investment strategy applies for both unit classes and is managed by Portfolio Managers, Cory Martin, Brad Kinkelaar, David Ganucheau and TJ Carter. Performance and returns of the unit classes may differ due to different tax treatments, fees and costs . For more information, investors can access the Fund Profile for each unit class on the Perpetual website and read the relevant product disclosure statement. The Target Market Determination is also available on the Perpetual website.

ETMFs trade, clear and settle in the same way as ASX-listed shares. Investors do not need to complete an application form or withdrawal form. Perpetual does not require an investor to apply for a minimum number of units or dollar amount in GLOB. 

  1. Do your research
    - Read the PDS available here. You should read the PDS before making any decision on how to invest in the ETMF.
    - Learn more about GLOB by visiting or contacting us.

  2. Contact or access your ASX stockbroker (full service or online) to place a buy order for the ETMF.

None, if you have an existing stockbroking account.

The price at which you buy and sell units in GLOB on the ASX will be the prevailing market price for GLOB at the time of the transaction.

The market price is generally designed to trade in line with net asset value (NAV) or the indicative net asset value (iNAV) of GLOB. We have engaged an independent agent to calculate and disseminate an iNAV per unit for GLOB. The iNAV per unit will be updated for price movements of an ETMF’s investments through live market prices and if applicable, foreign exchange movements. There may be securities held by the Fund that do not have live market prices during the trading day, in which case (for those securities only), the iNAV will generally reflect only what is considered the best estimate of fair value for such securities.

The iNAV and NAV per unit of GLOB are published on Perpetual’s website (see top of this page).

A market maker is responsible for providing liquidity in the ETMF so that investors can buy and sell when they choose to do so. Perpetual, in its capacity as responsible entity of the Fund, intends to act as market maker for GLOB. Perpetual has appointed a market making agent to assist with this role. Market makers will quote bid and offer prices and volumes on the ASX throughout the trading day. Their role is designed to ensure that the ETMF trades in line with the NAV or iNAV of the ETMF.

GLOB has a management fee of 0.99% p.a.

*Please refer to the relevant PDS for further information on the fees and costs that may be charged for GLOB.

For all fund related enquiries, please contact Perpetual Asset Management Australia.


Phone: 1800 022 033

For enquiries about your holdings in GLOB, please contact the Unit Registry, Link Market Services:


Phone: 1800 635 323 (8:30am to 5:00pm – Monday to Friday excluding public holidays)


Access the Link Investor Centre by visiting

In the Investor Centre, you can:

  • Register your Australian bank account details so that distribution payments can be made to you
  • Register your TFN, ABN or exemption notification
  • Choose whether you wish to participate in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP)
  • Provide your tax residency details by completing your FATCA/CRS self-certification
  • Elect your communication preference – email or post
  • Access distribution and tax statements
  • Contact a Link representation via virtual chat if you have any need any assistance

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The product disclosure statement for the ETMF should be considered before deciding whether to acquire or hold units in the ETMF. The ETMF’s PDS and Target Market Determination are available on this website.

The indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV) calculations shown on this website are provided by IHS Markit and updated during ASX trading hours. While Perpetual will use best efforts to ensure that the iNAV will be published continuously and will be up-to-date and accurate, Perpetual cannot guarantee this will always be the case. The iNAV should not be taken to be or relied upon to determine the price at which the units may trade on ASX at any point in time. The iNAV is indicative and may incorporate securities for which there are no live market prices at the time of calculation and so it may not reflect the actual value of the underlying assets of the ETMF. The iNAV is provided for reference purposes only.

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