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Real Value of investing in shares

This booklet looks at the benefits of sharemarket investing, the types of returns shares have delivered, the most effective ways to invest in shares and how to manage the volatility that comes with owning a piece of a company.

The Case for Real Return Investing

Real return funds are designed to provide investors with a higher certainty of achieving a real return objective with a lower level of risk and lower sensitivity to extreme market events. Find out more.

The Case for Responsible Investing

Strong investor interest is driving growth in responsible investing strategies. The question for advisers and their clients is: When it comes to investing in responsible investment strategies, must financial returns be sacrificed for that ‘feel-good’ factor?

The Case for Industrial Shares

Industrial shares have historically provided higher levels of income, strong appreciation and lower volatility. Find out more.

Benefits of alternative investments

Alternative investments can provide greater diversification and more consistent returns when added to a portfolio of traditional assets.

Educational Brochure

Making sense of the Fixed Income landscape

Fixed income in an investment portfolio can provide liquidity, regular income and diversify away from equity risk. Find out more.

Educational Expenses

Funding Educational expenses using WealthFocus Investment Advantage Educational Expenses

Managed Funds vs Direct Investments

Key comparison of Managed Funds and Direct Investments Managed Funds vs Direct Investments

SMSF Borrowing

Using WealthFocus Investment Advantage in a Superannuation Borrowing SMSF Borrowing

The Value of Long Term Investing

The value of $10,000 invested in different asset classes since 1995 SMSF Borrowing


Australian and international sharemarkets - annual movements as at April 2022. SMSF Borrowing


Superannuation, Insurance and Retirement

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Salary sacrificing into super                                          

A tax effective way to boost your retirement savings

Insurance in super                                                           

Taking out insurance in your superannuation                                                        

Transition to retirement                                              

Help ease the move from full-time to part-time work

Perpetual WealthFocus

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WealthFocus Platform

Build a high quality, tailored portfolio, with access to great features and functionality, all within a single platform. WealthFocus Platform

WealthFocus Investment Advantage

Perpetual WealthFocus Investment Advantage allows you to create and manage client’s investment portfolios and take advantage of unique tax benefits. WealthFocus Investment Advantage

Implementing Changes to your Model Portfolio

Advantages and Case Study of using WealthFocus Investment Advantage for changes to your Model Portfolio Implementing Changes to your Model Portfolio


Is there still a role for cash in a low interest rate world? Cash