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The PDS contains detailed information about the Perpetual’s Pooled Super Trust such as the benefits, risks and fees and charges.

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Product information incorporated by reference

The PDS refers to other information relevant to the product (information which is ‘incorporated by reference’) which can be found below. This incorporated information forms part of the PDS and should be read together with the main PDS document above.

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Significant event and material change notices

The below table summaries recent significant events or materials change notices for Perpetual’s Pooled Super Trust.

Notice date Nature of event or change Impact of the change
9 October 2017 Fees and Costs – Figures for FY 2017

The Fees and Costs for the Investment Option/s including estimated indirect costs, for the year ended 30 June 2017 is attached.

This is additional information to help members understand fees and costs on a year by year basis.

This information does not update the PDS.  

See flyer attached
9 October 2017 PDS Update: Transaction Cost document updated This incorporated document has been replaced with 30 June 2017 information now available. See document attached
1 March 2017 Effective 1 March 2017 we have updated fees and costs information, and issued a new PDS.   Due to changes in ASIC Class Order [CO 14/1252], we have updated our disclosure in respect of the estimated management cost of the Investment Option/s.  This amount includes estimated indirect costs which are paid by the Investment Option, and are not a direct cost to you.  The management fee you pay to Perpetual for your Investment Option has not changed. For a copy of the replacement PDS please refer to this page, or ask for a copy free of charge by contacting us on 1800 022 033.
 1 October 2015 The standard risk measure for the Global Share investment option has increased from 6 – High to 7 – Very high Members with holdings in this investment option  
18 August 2015 The PST Australian Share Investment Option has closed on 18 August 2015. The Investment Option is closed to applications and redemptions. The Option is expected to terminate on 12 October 2015. Members with holdings in this Investment option. View further information
29 January 2015 International Share Option
  • Change to investment manager
  • Change to investment strategy
  • Change to name
  • Notification of reduction in management fee and introduction of performance fee from 17 April 2015
Investors / members with a holding in International Share Option View further information
1 July 2014

The standard risk measures for the investment options have been reviewed and are now:

All members
 Australian Share   7 - very high
 Industrial Share  7 - very high
 International Share  6 - high
 Balanced  6 - high
 Smaller Companies Share  7 - very high
1 August 2012 The Balanced Growth Investment Option's investment guidelines for fixed income changed from 5-35% to 0-35% Investment strategy change