Perpetual Diversified Real Return Fund Updates

Continuous Disclosure and Important Information


The PDS contains detailed information about the Perpetual Diversified Real Return Fund (Fund) including the benefits, risks, fees and charges.

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Product Information Incorporated by Reference

The PDS refers to other information relevant to the product. This information is ‘incorporated by reference’ and forms part of the PDS. It should be read together with the main PDS document above.

Additional information

The current buy/sell spread is 0.12%/0.12%.

Other Documents

Direct debit request service agreement, which must be read prior to completing direct debit authorisation.

Online account access conditions of use

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

Perpetual’s Privacy Policy has been updated as of March 2014 to include information about how you may access and seek correction of personal information held by us, make a complaint to us if you have concerns about how we have handled your personal information, how we will deal with such complaints and whether we may disclose personal information to overseas recipients.

Product Updates

We may update the PDS with changes that are not materially adverse via disclosure on our website. Any updates should be read together with the main PDS document above.

Continuous Disclosure

Investment Guidelines

Effective 30 September 2015, the Investment guidelines for the Perpetual Diversified Real Return Fund have been modified as shown in the table below:  

Investment guideline Current New  
Australian equities 0-15 % 0-50% Max 70% in equities
Global equities 0-40 % 0-50% Max 70% in equities
Private market investments 0-20 % No Change
Global Fixed Income (Incl. Australia) 0-70 % No Change 
Specialist Credit 0-25 % Removed*
Commodities 0-15 % No Change
Other investments 0-15 % 0-30%
Property 0-15 % No Change
Cash and enhanced cash 0 -100% No Change

*Specialist Credit is now part of Other investments



The Standard Risk Measure (SRM) for Funds may change over time for various reasons, including as a result of reviews of the underlying capital market assumptions that are used in their calculation and future changes to asset allocations by the investment manager.

Effective 1 July 2014, the SRM has changed, following an annual review.

Previous SRM New SRM
4 - Medium 5 -Medium to high