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I feel like we’ve taken an evidence-based approach…

Dr Shannon Thomas

Your patients come to you looking for expertise and experience. For the ability to sift through the data – symptoms, test results, in-depth conversations - to understand what’s happening to them and outline a path back to health.

If truth be told, they’re looking to you for the caring but reasoned voice that helps them make vital decisions – and make them now.

It’s the same with financial decisions. The specialists we talk with share similar concerns.

  • Turning practice/consulting income into capital that replaces that hard-earned income later in life. Capital that gives them the freedom to live the life they’ve dreamed of.
  • Building that capital without spending anxious hours on the investment decisions involved: not just “shares, super, property or bonds?” But which shares and what kind of super?
  • Building that capital without spending hours on the admin – performance, taxation, investment structures etc.   
  • Getting expert help to make disciplined, data-based investment decisions – the kind that ignore short-term noise and focus on long-term goals.
  • Protecting their family and their practice by matching their insurance to their changing situation – bigger families, homes and debts, higher income, more responsibilities.

As Dr Shannon Thomas discovered, managing these issues needn’t take hours of your time. It’s often about using the same disciplines you use with your patients:

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    Analysing evidence and applying experience

  • Expertise

    Getting expert opinions – and sometimes more than one

  • Review

    Reviewing the ‘treatment’ methodically and regularly


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