Want to know if your finances are really on track?
Then there’s a book we recommend. You won’t find it in the self-help section of your library. There are no words of advice between the covers, just photographs.

It’s your family album.

A record of the biggest moments in your life.
Ask yourself, as you flip through the pages – are the big financial decisions you made years ago still relevant today? Change is the only constant in life. For financial advice to endure, it must adapt to your shifting circumstances.

  • Committed

    Our commitment to the best interests of our clients has remained constant. Our advice endures because our relationships do. Many Perpetual advisers have served generations of the same family.

  • Tailored

    At Perpetual, we will do more than simply listen to your life’s story, we will help shape it with your best interests at heart. The advice is tailored to your circumstances and your goals.

  • Trusted

    For more than 130 years, we’ve been trusted by generations of Australians to manage, grow and protect their wealth. Through wars, recessions and financial crises, we have continually evolved.

It starts with a simple conversation

Enjoy the biggest moments in your life without worrying about your finances. Our experienced financial advisers would love to hear your story and help shape the chapters to come. It starts with a simple conversation – complete the form below and let's start talking.

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The essence of a will is not about death – it is about protecting what you love most in life. In pharmacist Perri McCarthy’s case, this involved safeguarding the future of her children and her business interests. Watch the video to see how Perri McCarthy is protecting what she loves.